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  • Anyone else sick of having a cold??
  • LardLover

    I had a cold before xmas, got better, got worse xmas eve, got better new years eve, 1st day back at work yesterday after new year and now I’m F’ing dying again 🙄

    Anyone else having an up and down time of it? It’s put my resolutions all to pot I can tell you!

    (cough, cough, sniff, sniff)

    Premier Icon ton

    Nope one of the first years i’ve not even had a sniffel wen everyone else around is coughing and sneezing*

    *watch me get a cold now.


    Same here, on off, seem to have had all the symptoms of flu but not all at the same time! Couple of days with sore throat, that went then got runny nose and sneezes, followed by body aches and sweats now got a chesty cough! All since middle of november 🙁

    You have not had one cold all that time – you have cought 2 or 3 in succession. A cold only lasts a few days but there are loads of different cold viruses


    I have been feeling pretty crap for over month now. One day I am relatively OK the next feeling all fluey with aches and general tiredness and a pounding head etc and then the next day OK again. I just wish it would ever arrive full on or go away for good.

    The only constant is my waistline increasing by the day.


    mtfu? you know I’m a queen ton (of the XC variety that is!)

    Annoyingly, I haven’t been stopped from riding by illness once in 12 1/2 years :o)

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    Feel rubbish. 90% of my friends are the same.


    Me…. as many at Llandegla today will have heard me coughing up my guts at the top (as well as bottom and during) of each climb…


    I bit the bullet on Monday with the same symptoms as you LL !
    Doc took pity on my as my Asthma went crazy because of it.
    Got Anti-Biotics, Oral Steroids, Steroid Inhaler and my regular inhaler.
    2 days into the tablets (9 a day) and I’m feeling pretty darn good.
    If it keeps going like this that by the weekend I’ll even be able to try and shift the winter plumage ! 🙄


    I have what I would class as manflu, my newborn twin daughters also have it and haven’t complained once suprisingly, my wife has it and was a bit grmbly.

    I think it affects older males worse. 😳

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Yes, it’s been with me since New years day.
    All my plans for decorating the front room and riding in these fantastic conditions have made me grumpy.
    Self employed too so work is suffering.

    Oooh feel better for a good grumble 🙂

    Premier Icon NZCol

    Wicked lurg start of December. However flying NZ-UK-NZ in 7 days has pretty much done me in and back to square one now !


    I’m suffering badly with the snot this year but been ok really on the cold front, few off days but think that was an excuse not to go riding in horrendous storms!


    I’ve not had one for ages… 😀

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Had a bad chest since middle of November. Might need to see the doc soon….

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