Anyone else perform the 'female' role in their house?

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  • Anyone else perform the 'female' role in their house?
  • robbo

    Be careful is my advice. Winston had it spot on – the guilt on spending any money on yourself is hard even if you are earning. There is a reason so many stay at home mums go ‘mad’ after giving up their careers for their men. It’s not good for your self esteem. I’ve done it for 11 years working full time as well and its destroyed our marriage as she flew off on a stellar career and I stayed behind in a different world. Just be careful…

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    We are starting to make the switch – MrsMC is the one with the important skills/career, but has worked part time while the kids have been small. My “career” is now a dead end, so she is aiming to go back full time and I will reduce my hours when she gets settled in a role – ideally this will fit in with a move to more home based workers next year.

    At the moment I work 37 hours a week, she does 30, we have two kids, each doing 3 after school activities a week, MrsMC and I each have an evening out to ourselves, life is **** manic!

    When I’ve typed this I need to do the ironing…

    good time to start a midweek lunchtime shred crew ? 🙂

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    Me too in the slight ‘househusband’ role. We used to both work 3/4 time but my wife was forced to move up to 90% time. We lasted a bit like that but it wasn’t much fun as everything became an insane rush of picking children up, nothing getting done at home, everything running out. Rather than just giving up altogether though I stayed with working mornings only which avoided some of the problems of going mad getting stuck at home but still left enough time to look after children and make things happen at home

    Seems to work for the moment (4 months in) but it seems like although I had planned all these great things I could do with the extra time there isn’t a moment. It’s working for us both though so I’m happy


    @binners – 😆

    This thread is a heck of a lot funnier than I expected it to be from the title.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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