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  • Anyone else killing time at work…?
  • Premier Icon Kryton57

    I’m still working…… 13.25 hrs and counting. :-/

    Premier Icon Drac

    Is that not normal?

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Pretty much finished now. I have a day’s work on Monday and that is it until January now.

    Not that much in the pipeline for January either actually…


    Not killing time but bloody headache trying to think what to buy for xmas presents … 😡


    Still got loads on here but our place is shut from 21st December to 2nd January so I’m not complaining.

    I think next week might be slightly less busy but will have to see, either way I’ve easy got enough backlog to last me the week even if nobody contacts me about anything.

    I sometimes find the most frustrating thing about working in a mixed team, open plan office is the periods when some people are winding down and basically trying to distract you, engage you in a conversation about their cat, organising long lunches and other social shit and you’re still busy trying to get your head down.

    Oh look at that, I am actually complaining after all.

    Yes and have been doing for the last three years. New year, new job.


    New year, new job for me too. 4 working days left. List of work to be done as long as my arm, but busy listening to TMS while my boss tries to persuade me to do free overtime to clear my workload before I go

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Only three workings days left (what with using up annuals and taking flexi’s… 😀 ).

    However I seem to spend half my day trying to get to grips with under heating problems in certain parts… I mean what exactly is happening at 5.45-8.30 when the high temp circuit drops 20 odd degrees?!? FIIK.

    Could do with getting on with calcing the heat losses for my proper project to see if everything can fit in the boiler house dimensions I gave 6 months ago….

    Hey ho, that’s not til Monday. I love 9 day fortnights me.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Work for myself as a Patent Illustrator

    Lots of empty square boxes with numbers next to them 😉

    Here’s one of mine:

    Untitled by brf, on Flickr

    Can you tell what it is yet?


    Unfortunatly i am [ublic sector, so am unable to kill time and actually have to earn my money.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    so am unable to kill time and actually have to earn my money.

    You should complain to your union rep about that….


Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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