anyone else having a quiet one tonight?

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  • anyone else having a quiet one tonight?
  • Premier Icon Pook

    Just putting my 10 month old down to sleep then enjoying nibbles, wine and some fizz with my Mrs. Chances are we’ll be asleep before midnight.

    Anyone else?

    Happy new year all by the way!

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I hope so.


    Yep, some friends are coming round to have a few beers and nibbles, watch a film.


    Maybe I’m getting old, but starting the New Year feeling like I’m about to die isn’t the most appealing of ideas to me any more. Quite happy to stay in, couple of beers, watch a movie, go to bed, and maybe go play on my bike in the morning 😀


    Yeah, me, unfortunately. Too many people either out of the country, working tomorrow, visiting family elsewhere etc etc.

    I say unfortunately because it means I’m here on my own, which is a bit sad, lol. Just stocked the fridge with wine, though :mrgreen:

    Yup. Mrs and I have 2 massive Rib Eye steaks from the butchers, bottle of fizz and a cracking glass or 2 of red with dinner…oh and thrice cooked chips on the side.

    Best I get out on the bike tomo! 🙂

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Just me and the sodding cat.


    Yes, quiet one here too. Been there done the ‘new years day feeling like shit’ thing.

    Chinese takeaway with the wife in a bit (after the kids are in bed). Few beers. Probably in bed for 11!

    Been suffering from man flu for the last few days, so really trying to maximise my chances of a quick blast tomorrow evening before back to work for the yearly fortnight from hell of our year end 😐


    Yup…. mrsvader should be home around 8ish after a 2 and a half hr drive.. will put minivader to bed as he’ll be sparko in the car….couple of beers and I’ll likely be asleep before the start of jools holland!


    Mrs is 9 days overdue so we have little choice in it.

    No. But I kinda wish I was.
    Tomorrows hangover will not be pretty.


    We will, hoping for not too many fireworks as the dog dont like them


    Yeah, I’m on the quiet one too. I can’t be bothered being expected to enjoy my evening drinking.

    I’m tempted to head up into the hills overlooking Edinburgh to watch the fireworks though, all depends what the weather is like later on.


    GF’s 5 year old playing on his Xmas Wii, me and the lass having a few beers then a meal. Guess we’ll all be in bed before 9:00!


    Company: wife
    Entertainment: dark Knight rises / wife 😉
    Drink: leffe blonde/Stella Artois full strength/Aberlour
    Eat: Jalfrezi followed by cake & cream.
    Time to bed: most likely half 10ish

    Yep, but seems appropriate for such a crap year. Whole family in. Turned down a dinner invite as it’s been a hectic Xmas feeding others and we all feel like a rest. Bah humbug!!!!

    Just done a good 8k run though so that makes me feel better!!!!

    Probably normal bedtime here, and then hoping the flippin’ fireworks don’t wake us up at midnight.


    Quiet one for me, Happy New Year everybody.


    Quiet’ish. Just me and the Mrs. Just finished a lovely beef rendang curry, couple of Becks and now going to watch a few more Breaking Bad. Prob open the champers and cheese about 21:00 and put BBC on later for the countdown.

    Off out on the bike tomorrow for a local one to start burning off the Christmas calories. 🙂

    Happy new year to you all


    Just waiting for OH to finish work, some snacks, beer and a film or some ps4. Watch the neighbours fireworks then sleep and up early for a bike ride.


    Yup, I’ll be staying in on my own tonight

    Was going to visit niece and nephew, but the little lad has been to hospital

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Entertainment: dark Knight rises

    Change it while you have the chance! 😉 (just my opinion of course and a big fan of the others)


    A quiet what? If it’s what I’m thinking I have a quiet one at any opportunity.


    Quiet night. Early bed, early rise for a day out at the xscape Braehead , skiing and ice climbing with my 12 yr old daughter 😀
    Happy New year when it comes.

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    Always a quiet one for us, used to be a trip to the movies then home for a steak pie. Now the kids are here its even quieter, it is nice feeling sanctimonious the next day though 🙂 hopefully out riding early doors.


    Yes, my oh concussed himself going otb at the weekend and I’ve had a manic day at work and want to do parkrun in the morning so the plan is a quiet evening and a nice lunch tomorrow.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Is something going on tonight?


    Yep, the 7month old is upstairs in bed, we had a BBQ dinner a little while ago and I’ve got a large Rum, but will be in bed well before midnight as we’ll be up early again tomorrow.


    Had a big dinner. Got a nice glass of wine, watching a film. Reckon I’ll be in bed by 10pm. Rock and Roll!

    Have a good one Chris – we had quiet ones & really got into the Hootenanny until the youngest was able to stay up long enough to climb a hill for midnight (about 8 IIRC).

    Hope you had a great first Christmas with the MiniPook.


    Just about to give our three year old a bath and read her a bedtime story, wife is due our second kid any day now so it’ll be a nice quiet one for me. To be honest I’m quite happy being in bed by five past twelve so I can have a good day tomorrow without a hangover.


    Our 3-yr-old is getting tired and stroppy, so actually quite looking forward to getting her in bed and settling down with a beer and a book.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Yep. Get the kids down by 8 then cheese and crackers in front of the TV with the missus and a couple of G&Ts.

    Premier Icon diz

    New year has some bad memories for me so off to bed very soon. Hopefully the fireworks don’t wake me.
    Happy New Year to all STW and their families.


    Get the kids to bed and just relax after a hectic Xmas period, just found out wiggles Jr number 3 is on the way so missus not drinking so I will probably refrain for brownie points for a ride in the morning.


    then cheese and crackers in front of the TV

    I’ve just tucked into some oak smoked cheddar from Sainsburys: It was very nice 😀

    Premier Icon aidanoggy

    Wife’s up at 4.30 for work. We’ll be off to bed well before midnight . I’ll go out riding early tomorrow while it’s quiet


    Fires lit and the Mulled Cider is warming up – am enjoying not having to please anyone but myself

    CBA to go out on the raz, it’ll be just a normal non-working night for me. which usually means bed about 12.30

    Mrs_D & I had spag bol for tea.

    I’m working on Xmas Airfix* at the moment

    will be having a glass of Cab Sauv followed by a couple of beers later: Victory Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Old Golden Hen, York Minster Ale – not all of these will get opened but it’s nice to have a choice.
    bottle of Cava will probably get opened about 11.45

    * Revell / Tamiya actually. I’m not a fan of Airfix, too many dodgy old kits to dare risking a “new” tooling


    Babysitting grand daughter so younguns can go out.
    At the rate things are going we’ll all still be up at twelve!
    Happy new year to you and yours.

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