Anyone else have bike shoes that stink? ( and know how to get rid of the smell?)

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  • Anyone else have bike shoes that stink? ( and know how to get rid of the smell?)
  • smorgie

    For some reason one of my pairs of bike shoes have started to smell like cat wee!!!

    Three rides ago I soaked them in milton fluid and dried them properly but it has come back.

    None of my other shoes smell like this. Any suggestion what I can try next?

    Maybe I don’t let them dry propery between rides but all my other shoes got the same level of abuse with no smell issues.


    don’t dry them in the cat litter tray?

    Premier Icon Simon

    I had some stinky MP66 shoes. I put them through the washer and they’ve been fine since.


    Shoot the cat to stop it pi**ing in your shoes 😆

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    An old trick I use with my gym back was to leave one of those Bounce sheets you put in the tumble dryer. Worked a treat and stopped my gym bag smelling like an old folks home. Might be worth stuffing one in either shot after a ride to keep them smelling fresh.

    Premier Icon Stranger

    A pair of Shimano shoes have stunk ever since I got them.
    Nothing seems to work on them – I think it’s an attribute of the adhesive they use.
    I also heard a model of New Balance had that problem and the manufacturer had to change the glue.
    I think you either tolerate it, or get some new shoes.
    The choice is yours.


    My Shimano shoes have had a most unpleasant smell ever since the first time I got them wet.
    I heard of a similar thing on the TV a while back, with some Nike trainers, it was something to do some natural fibres in the construction of the shoes starting to rot when they got wet.


    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the cat.

    I think another soak in milton and then try the bounce idea.

    NB- they are specialized shoes


    Dry them out, properly. Tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in each, leave overnight. shake out powder and replace with another tablespoon, and leave overnight. remove powder and all will be fine once again.

    Shoes need to dry out properly after every ride, or they will start to rot. Same with everyday shoes and trainers.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Kitty litter

    there was an article on Watchdog about this a while back. Something to do with the material under the tounge apparently.


    A few years ago, I used to work for the people who make Catsan cat litter.

    Apparently, if you take some of this product, put approx a golf ball sized amount in the toe end of an old stocking and then put this inside the shoe, the smelly shoe problem will be gone overnight.

    I have never tried it but the guys who made Catsan thought it should work really well.

    PS: good to have the forum back innit?!


    As far as i’m aware the watchdog thing was only about nike trainers smelling before they had even got properly wet.

    These shoes have been wet more than a few times (D2D for example!) But all my other shoes have had the same abuse with no smell (spesh sawpit for example.)

    I can’t see how that cat litter stuff would do anything if it’s the material itself is going mouldy.

    I’ll give it all a go though because as much as I want to dry them properly the smell they are wafting through the house means they will been relocated to the shed very soon.(Luckily my wife has a cold at the moment or they would already be relocated by the ‘bike stuff hiding fairies’ she seems to employ to hide all my stuff when I’m not looking!)

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