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  • Anyone else have a run in yesterday?
  • soma_rich

    No worse than usual, in Southampton but then I rode mostly offroad home yesterday…

    I had some numb-nuts try and overtake approaching one of those road narrowing / give way trafic calming things (we had ROW at this one).

    Not sure what they expected to happen, should I have braked and pulled in behind our benevolent automotive overlords and road owners? I don’t think it was the lungfull they did get through the passanger window!

    I’d like to offer a heartfelt appology to their mother whoevery they are, I’m sure she’s a lovely person and has never had intercourse with the driver.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Nah, last week was worse.


    In the morning I had a car driver spot a parking space on my side of the road and just veer across, stopping dead in front of me, blocking my way ahead.
    In the afternoon I was waiting at the lights, about a metre from the kerb in front of four or five cars. Just as the lights change a rather chunky cyclist with earbuds in had obviously been coasting downhill to the junction and sails through on the inside, just brushing me.

    Earlier, on a very quiet dead-end street another cyclist had to draw my attention to the fact that I wasn’t looking where I was ****** going as I checked a text message. 😳

    I was the only in these incidents who apologised.

    Actually, I’m just remembering that there were a few weeks last year after the clocks went back that I was having close scrapes almost every day. Something to look forward to.


    I had someone start to overtake me on the approach to a pinch point caused by a traffic island. They got alongside me, them started to slow down. I thought that maybe they’d thought better of squeezing past, but no, it was because they want to turn right immediately after the pinch point. 🙄

    To be fair, it wasn’t the narrowest of pinch points, but given that you’re turning anyway, why not just wait that extra half second?

    I had similar yesterday – approaching a rough level crossing a Tesco van thought that was the ideal place to overtake.

    I was probably doing 15mph or so, but dispite keeping up, and having to slow for traffic that was reducing speed for the crossing ahead of me, the Tesco lad still persisted in trying to make a pass.

    He managed to get his cab level with me before before realising there there was no where for him to go.

    Some people just see a bike and ‘must get past’. I don’t get it.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Following on from the hit by a car post…

    There was clearly something up yesterday, had a guy pull out on me at a Nursery (the MOST dangerous place around here) and the look on his face as I endo’d right up to his window showed he just hadn’t seen me. Broad daylight wearing hi-viz top. Got a few intakes of breath from the pedestrians.

    Then later on, two people on successive roundabouts just didn’t look, it’s a trading estate and cars rarely come from the direction I was coming and they just sailed into my path, both locking up at the last second and then angry that I was casuing them 3-4 seconds delay.

    Last incident, a woman saw me, wanted to ‘beat the bike’, accelerated and ran a bloke over crossing the road, when she got to the traffic lights, all of 20m away. 🙄 I stopped her to ask why she didn’t look, she had a kid in the passenger seat who looked terrified. I genuinely wanted to know but she just kept saying, “I didn’t hit you.”

    I kept calm and explained it’s a busy time in a crowded town, we all need to look out for each other but there was NO consideration that she could be at fault.

    Funny old day yesterday, AND I fell off in the woods, but that wasn’t my fault, wrong tires…..

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