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  • Anyone else hate working on bikes?
  • Premier Icon househusband

    It’s one of the reasons I like bicycles in general; aside from actually building the frame itself there’s little I don’t think I have done or could do.

    Some people maybe just aren’t practically minded, but still enjoy riding bicycles.

    Green Room

    What kind of caliper is it? Yeah I rather like fettling although when I was a hire mechanic I may have had a different story to tell………..

    Green Room

    triple post, sorry

    Green Room

    stupid ‘pooters


    i like it but live in a one bedroom flat in the middle of london with no outside space or garden, hence it is somewhat difficult these days so i don’t do as much as i did or should. can’t wait to have a garage/shed. ๐Ÿ™‚


    I hate chains – otherwise I rather enjoy fettling bikes. so much so all my bikes are fully fettled at the moment and I feel rather lost with nowt to do

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    I used to be like you; for me, I found that I could do nothing properly and used to detest trying and then feeling defeated, then tried half-heartedly, etc. However, a basic mechanics course in the lovely Yorkshire Dales and a bit of determination and I can now about 50% of things and feel great when I do something successfully. I admit that some basic things utterly defeat me still though – Hope rear hubs, setting up derailleurs, Avid pad changes come to mind there – but I suspect they’re mostly in the head. But generally a positive attuitude has helped enormously (as has a garage!). Just don’t get enough time, now.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Trueing wheels, only as it’s a faff…Can’t think of anything that I really really hate doing, it’s all pretty straight forward.


    My wife hates it!!!

    Mainly because I can spend hours doing it as opposed to something SHE wants me to do around the house. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But it is funny how a 10 minute job can become a day job. ๐Ÿ˜•


    Bike fettling is like a lot of things. You enjoy it once you have started but forcing yourself off your jacksie to start is the hard bit. Unless of course it is an emergency like a snapped mech where failure to fettle means no ride. You have no choice then.
    I have been meaning to put a chainsuck defeating dent in my On One Summer Season chainstay for ages. It’s the thought of cleaning and dismantling BBs and cranksets and chains that’s had me procrastinating for ages.


    By that I mean giving your bike a simple service, changing tyres, installing Stans No Tubes (which I’ve been doing recently), trying to sort out a sticky back brake caliper (which I’m about to do) etc,etc

    I absolutely hate doing any of the above but think I might be in a bit of a minority. Most MTBers I’ve met seem to relish the opportunity to roll their sleeves up and set about dismantling their bike and putting it back together.

    Any thoughts? (BTW tips for freeing back brake would be helpful also ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Premier Icon shortcut

    I am content doing most things but do go to the lbs for: fork service, bearing replacement, headset fitting / removal and any facing.

    Mainly because I either don’t know what I am doing or don’t fancy the mess.

    Premier Icon alexonabike

    I loves a good fettle


    I’d rather be riding than fettling!


    I have only just taken up this sport and can’t stand the maintenance. That much so, that like running my car, will pay for all my maintenance (apart from chain.) I know this will be costly, but i don’t have the time/skill/inclination to start and learn how to do it.

    Can anyone in Sheffield recommend someone or somewhere (I’m happy to pay private or via a bike shop so long as it’s not J E James)

    TandemJeremy – if you have nothing to do and you’re near me feel free to come and give me a hand – no point in feeling ‘spare’ ๐Ÿ™‚


    Summer: I hate fettling as I’d rather be riding. Winter: Opposite of Summer.

    Like theflatboy said, space is important as well. Had loads of space to spread out all the tools and stuff in my old house but in my current house there’s less room and I don’t find fettling as enjoyable.


    Sorry Hitman, I’m definately in the opposite camp. A bicycle is something that can be completely understood by one person, unlike a DVD plaver or a modern car. With not too many tools and some patience you can get to know it and take care of it. OK so I get out of my comfort zone doing things like a fork service, but thats good, I’ve always got you guys to help me out. I can learn. For me that’s a satisfying thing.


    I do pretty much all of it except fork service, headsets, wheel bearings and spoke stuff – get a mate to help with those bits. I like doing it once I’ve started and lurve the nice smooth clean feel of the bikes once I’ve finished… makes feel happy for the rest of the day.



    Find bike fettling very boring,so do as little as possible & usually only after something has stopped working…..


    I like it, except when I’m trying to fix something late in the evening before an early start for a ride.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    I’m in the “Love it” corner!
    So much so I do most of my friends/work mates/neighbours bikes. I am at my most content in the garage with a glass of wine/beer/whisky some music playing, fixing or building bikes.
    I don’t mind if people can’t fix their own bike as it gives me a buzz seeing them ride it after and having a big grin as its better than it was before.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I do enjoy it, but only if I keep on top of it.

    I work on my bikes in the cellar and, even though it’s in the house (OK, under it), Mrs North usually gives me strife for disappearing down there to do stuff. Consequently, I don’t keep on top of it as I ought to. Which frustrates me.

    Premier Icon steveh

    In Sheffield try Langsett Cycles on Infirmary Road. My friend uses them for most of his work.


    I like it when stuff works as it’s supposed to, but not when it doesn’t.

    Mainly brakes – push pistons in to replace pads…..oh, they won’t stay all the way back in…..hmmmm. Well, there’s plenty of space, it’ll be OK. Fit…..why does my wheel now bind against brake…..hmmm, bleed brake… better, but pistons not ‘pulling back’ from rotor….


    I keep wondering about a maintenance course.


    I enjoy working on bikes when I don’t have to do it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can get a bit frustrating messing with them late at night so you can ride the next day, though…


    I love fettling. I’ve been known to fettle for other folks too. In fact, some of the local lads have already started turning up – “hey mister, could you have a look at this for me?”

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    It’s a necessary evil. I don’t enjoy fettling – the filth, the frustration, the way that a “10-minute job” expands to fill an evening – but it beats checking your bike in for a service every time you want something sorting.

    Also, there are things that make it more bearable – practice, a workstand, proper tools, Swarfega and beer…

    Premier Icon Shandy

    I am pretty dire, I should probably do a course although I am picking stuff up slowly. I try not to feel bad about it, I’m self employed so fettling is not the most productive use of my time. It does feel nice to keep the bike in good nick though.


    i enjoy messing around with my bike and learning new stuff. just replaced pivot bearings for the first time last night and have got a new headset to fit tonight and then have to re-assemble the bike. riding tomorrow so it could turn into an all night thing ๐Ÿ™„

    hate it when i dont have the right tool though…


    I quite enjoy the building up of a bike from parts, but I absolutely HATE changing tyres, I seem to be completely and utterly incompetent at it.


    Love it corner especially building wheels.

    10 Thing which makes working on a bike a joy:

    1. Decent heavy duty work stand.
    2. Stuart McConey & Mark Radcliffe on the radio or womenโ€™s hour on radio
    3. Raleigh pro spoke key circa 1986.
    4. Cup of decent coffee or cold beer.
    5. Park cable cutters.
    6. Campag pedal spanner.
    7. Gear hanger alignment tool.
    8. Laptop + WiFi so you can buy bits of Ebay + fix bikes at the same time.
    9. Park T-bar allen keys.
    10. Good track pump.

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