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  • Anyone else getting more spam since the hack?
  • Premier Icon MrSparkle
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    Just occurred to me after reading the ‘paypal’ thread that I seem to be getting an absolute sh1tload of spam these days and wondered if it was in any way related to the hacking? And, yes, I did do all the ‘AT’ and ‘DOT’ business for my email addy in my profile.

    Premier Icon firestarter
    Free Member

    yes i used to get non at all now im getting a few a week ;-(

    Premier Icon PeterPoddy
    Free Member


    AOL has a good spam filter. I always aget a bit, but there’s no more than there used to be.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza
    Full Member

    No, not here.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider
    Full Member

    Today I was informed that people were trying to hack my paypal account and that I would have to confirm a few things to stop it. – I don’t have a paypal account.

    Also I won the South African lottery, which was nice.

    Premier Icon joe1983
    Free Member

    Yep – I used to get zero spam, since the hack I get a few a day. I like to play with them though so I don’t mind.

    Premier Icon MrSparkle
    Free Member

    My works emial addy is supposed to have a spam filter but it must have some ****’ big holes in it. I am getting about 20 or 30 spam emails a day. Unless, of course, I’ve just upset someone… Surely not.

    Premier Icon druidh
    Free Member

    No change

    Premier Icon TinMan
    Free Member

    Yep – No change

    Premier Icon househusband
    Full Member

    Am told several times a day that I need a bigger, harder c0ck.

    No change, then.

    Premier Icon nickc
    Full Member

    Bit more than usual

    Premier Icon cranberry
    Free Member

    No change for me.

    Though recently the weasels at Carphone Whorehouse have got my email address from someone.

    Premier Icon birdy
    Free Member

    Get loads of annoying phishing emails to my work email address,(including paypal ebay etc).The only email though i had registered with STW at the time of the hack was my Gmail account, so i guess it must be co incidence.

    Premier Icon Steve-Austin
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    never got any before the hack. now get at least 5 a day from ebay*, paypal* and every fekking bank* there is

    Got over 20 phishing mails the other day 😡

    *not the real ones for the pedantic readers of this forum

    Premier Icon MrsTricky
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    none before, none after, and my email address is only used for singletrack and nothing else


    Premier Icon emac65
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    Got a bit for a few days but it seems to have died off now…….

    Premier Icon aP
    Free Member

    I got a spam increase of a about tenfold as soon as I had my email published as a race organiser by BC.
    The email account I registered here gets none at all.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs
    Full Member

    No real change here although I’ve been told to check my non-existant Halifax and Abbey passwords a few times. Oh and I need to increase my love stick too apparently… They all go straight to Spam box though, my email has a good filter on it.

    Premier Icon Militant_biker
    Free Member

    I didn’t notice any more post-hack, in fact I reckon since Nov/Dec my yahoo spam has decreased about 5-fold.

    Premier Icon jahwomble
    Free Member


    Premier Icon scraprider
    Free Member

    2 x email s 1 for fam and friends and one for what ever shit that comes down the interweb , that get deleted as soon as i open it up , simple, no personal data , no threat, not saying that STW is dodgy or owt , just being carfull.

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