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  • Anyone else find having family is a burden….?
  • politecameraaction
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    Plus some debate about why two of them voted Reform….. But saying someone is a bit bigoted is apparently not very nice.

    Not knowing you or your family but: you’re never going to change their mind. You (me, him, everyone) probably have your own failings. Showing up and arguing about woke/gay salmon/recycling/whatever doesn’t make you better or them smarter. Can you not ignore it and move onto other things?

    This is easy for me to say as I definitely don’t get wound up by every single thing my dad says…

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    Can you not ignore it and move onto other things?

    I just ignore them and move onto other things.  I don’t want to be around those people so make sure I am not.

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    The whole taking sides thing bemuses me – surely her dad can say he doesn’t agree with either side, but wants to maintain a relationship with his daughter and granddaughter, but I suspect it’s easier for him to give in to his wife.

    Given what you’ve said about her, I’d have been shocked if he hadn’t done this. It’s classic narcissistic behaviour, disregarding the feelings of others. Those around them either submit to it or leave in the end.

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    I think that the idea that you automatically owe your parents or immediate family anything is quite toxic and the root of quite a few problems that people have.

    Some people are just toxic, the fact that you’re related to them doesn’t change that one bit.

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    I’ve not seen my Dad for 12 years. Him being dead doesn’t help.

    See my Mum every week and my sister once or twice a year (she lives in Spain).  When I do see my sis, convo can be difficult as we have little in common.

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    My Brother I don’t care for, my sister on the other hand I have all the time in the world for.

    In my youth I fell out with my dad, it took nearly ten years for me to speak to him again.

    Both of my parents are now in their eighties and are quite independent, despite both losing their memories and my mum having arthritis in both knees.

    Recently my mum took a tumble and broke her shoulder, I have been supporting them quite a bit. Over this period I have come to realise that they really don’t like each other and I have witnesses some shocking behaviour towards each other.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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