Anyone else feeling…

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  • Anyone else feeling…
  • bigG

    yup, total pie eater. Need to lose some serious weight and get miles in before my London – Paris in May..


    I’ve got more chins than a Chinese phone directory 😯

    Back on the bikes, back to the gym and starting up sea kayaking soon ( if I can actually fit in the bloody thing)


    first time out on the bike today in about toooo many weeks, felt like a very poorly sick person at the top of the first climb, the second climb , and the third climb , somebody has swapped all my clothes so that they dont fit any more.


    i’ve lost 5lb in the last month, so i’m either diseased or doing something right

    *wolf whistles at RD*


    Managed to stay the same weight over xmas somehow despite eating loads and not exercising much! Mind you I’m still a chubber.


    Just bought my first pair of 38″ trousers, the wardrobe is full of 34s 🙁

    But I like feeling a bit bigger? Except the middle bit.

    Thankfully Im bulimic so all the food I ate on christmas day, I just sicked straight back up.


    Yup – too much food & drink, not enough exercise.

    The Christmas stockpile of essentials doesn’t seem to be depleting too quick either!


    I aint fat its just a combination of big bones and water retention 😛

    put on 2kg ‘cos of christmas and its delicious mix of food and not enough time to exercise. back on the diet as of yesterday.

    i blame mrsconsequence, annoying eat-anything-she-wants slim woman!


    Nope, for the first time I haven’t eaten like a maniac this christmas, feeling quite good tbh. normally i’ve put on 6lbs by this time of the year

    THIS WOMAN should make you feel better about yourself……


    Chocolate con porras for breakfast today, that should help.

    Not usually a fan of food that looks like a big curly poo, but every now and then…


    Could do with a few extra stone to be honest.


    more than normal 😆


    Managed to sprain my ankle mid-November, been able to ride to and from work, but nothing more strenuous, also ate way too much as I’m greedy and have bugger all will power. Luckily we binned the scales when we moved so I have no idea how bad the problem is.

    Doing the 3 peaks on foot in June though, training kicking in shortly so that should help me drop some weight, also getting a pompino in so I can cycle to work a bit quicker (than on current disaster of a single speed with knobbly tyres and 2 buckled wheels) and drop into the gym in the morning before work.

    No resolutions, just plans and a slowly repairing ankle!

Viewing 17 posts - 41 through 57 (of 57 total)

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