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  • Anyone else been attacked by badger during night ride?
  • They are preparing themsleves fot the battle to come next year… “You wanna try and cull me, d’ya?…”


    came home one night to an unusual squealing in the garden (titter ye not) – thought fox at the guinea pigs – but no two badgers fighting like Bruce Lee was actually Ghandi – turned hose on them and that calmed them down a bit – but neighbour found one of them dead the next day

    mrs antigee casually mentioned the event to someone who worked for defra – great response ” could have had your arm off!” – for statistical purposes “could have” = zero reported incidences


    I spooked quite a young small badger on a drove descent on one of my local routes.

    It ran alongside me for 10-20 yards before passing in front of me.

    Hate to think what would have happened if I’d hit him as he did that.

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    A small fox ran out of some woods and then straight under my rear wheel – quite a bump it made – poor bugger, I don’t think it would have survived.

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    There is a badger family in my neighbours garden, in the middle of the town. They’ve never attacked anyone or anything.

    Yes, but have you ever noticed how your town has non-existent homeless population? Most animals are fairly placid when they’re digesting.


    An acquaintance of mine ended up in hospital after hitting a badger on a night time road ride – A38 south of Gloucester!

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    Got badgers that forage in my garden and I sometimes sit on the grass by our decking waiting for them, they come quite close but when they realise I’m there they scarper. Proper playful characters and like to chase one and other and any neighbourhood cats.

    Same here, although we only get to see them if our security light pops on.
    They have an amazing sense of smell and hearing, however eyesight is pretty bad.


    Badgers are ace. We’ve loads around our way, but unfortunately they seem to keep losing battles with cars and lorries.

    Badgers are the only creature that insist I give way to them on the trail…

    As for culling them, I’d far rather solve the problem by electing them to stand for parliament instead. I suspect they’d be better at running the constituency than my local MP.


    I must see about 20 a year. I night ride where there are many of them. Side ways on tends to be the worse where they run out into your path. They just want to get out of the way. Never had one attack. Only if cornered would they do so. Closest was at the bottom of a descent down a hill in delamere forest. Two jumped out and the two of us nearly hit them. For sure they are big creatures. But not agressive at all.


    I camped out in a forest and it was dark when I pitched up. Right next to a badger den! I wondered what they sounds were in the night!


    Hummerlicious and fisherboy, my attack was at the bottom of cissbury too. Must be the same serial killer badger. I’ll make sure I don’t ride there alone again, it may drag me down its hole to nibble my bones.


    was out on my bike last week on a country road and then next minute I hear snarling, feel the back of my bike get clattered and something scampering close to my wheel. Can only assume it was either a Grizzly bear or a Badger. Given it was pitch black and my light was only illuminating in front and turning around just revealed a dark void I sprinted up the unlight country road as fast as my little legs could carry me. After about a mile I kept thinking to myself that I must have out run it!

    Interested to hear any other tails as I am about to go out again, but think I will do a different route tonight. Bigs girls blouse I hear you say, you will encounter bigger furry creatures on the Tour Divide:-O

    The Rutland Panther?

    Seriously, I’ve seen it and I wasn’t on drugs. :mrgreen:

    I’m not doing night rides at Wakerly any more lol! :mrgreen:


    Have been chased by escaped scrapyard dogs. They released my inner sprinter!
    have been riding in the woods in a couple of different locations and small groups of deer
    have emerged out of the gloom, running silently along side me. Not that scary but eery nonetheless.
    most scarily, I was doin an over-nighter ride with the dog-we were camped out next to a flinty beach.
    Around midnight there was a deep phlegmy cough and the sound of flints being scuffed. The dog and I both froze but saw nothing. Upon relaying the story I was assured that it was a badger and not a velocipedophile.


    There suddenly seem to be loads more badgers around at the moment… I hadn’t seen one in years and we have seen about 4 in the last few months. Not sure what’s going on in the New Forest, but whatever it is the badgers obviously like it!!


    See them quite often too, two or three very close encounters but they just seem to be doing their best to get away.

    They’re often in our street the night before the bins are collected, I’m usually coming home from riding and once went to corner one before thinking better of it.

    THanks to Bunnyhop for thsi moment of genius.

    However the feeling of soft fur on my leg in the pitch black is one I won’t forget.

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    A mate of mine got a bit battered after hitting a badger at some speed whilst out on a night time road ride

    I’ve had one manage to get hold of my foot (as I cycled uphill very slowly – it ran out from the verge) and growl and shake it like a dog with a toy. I was too shocked to do anything for a couple of seconds but then I screamed and fell off which seemed to scare it away!


    Coming down off Old Pale in Delamere about 12 months ago, night ride with mates. Lead rider hit a badger at full pelt, I would say 25mph, and went head over heels into the dark – not a pretty sight and I was sure he would require the helicopter ambulance! Miraculously, he got up, dusted himself off and carried on the ride – the badger was nowhere to be seen.

    My mate didn’t come out on a night ride for 6 weeks – not injured, just sh1771ng himself!!

    See them every night in Delamere but keep well away….and keep the brakes well covered on decents!!!


    I hear snarling, feel the back of my bike get clattered and something scampering close to my wheel. Can only assume it was either a Grizzly bear or a Badger or dog


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