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  • anyone else a fan of sumo?
  • i have to admit that i am a fan. i haven’t watched any sumo since they used to show it on channel 4 back in the 80’s,but just recently have discovered live matches on youtube.

    it is very easy to joke about sumo i know (and i was guilty of it myself). but watching the matches and videos about the history and tradition of sumo,i definitely have a lot of respect for the wrestlers.

    long live sumo 👍

    Premier Icon DezB

    Used to watch the old Ch4 stuff too.
    Remember this fella being awesome –

    Can’t say I’ve watched any since though.

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Same as DezB, used to watch it whenever it was on C4 but not for years, not really felt the urge to track down matches on YouTube etc. but maybe I should (probably more productive than my current watching of baffling quantum physics explanation videos, the 3 polarising filter paradox blew my mind last night, I should probably get out more…).

    Same again – loved it on C4 but haven’t seen it since. Might dig out the youtube stuff to catch up so thanks for mentioning it


    Same as above really. I used to watch it on Channel 4 in the 80s but haven’t since.

    C4 used to do some interesting sports and I remember watching Kabaddi quite a bit too.

    Rob Hilton

    Big fan on C4 as a kid.

    I had a 4 day stop over in Tokyo in 2003 and was lucky enough for it to coincide with the Aki Basho – absolutely loved it!!

    oh i haven’t watched any sumo since the ch 4 progrwms but some reason i watched a sumo video on yt recently.i then got a live sumo stream recommended to me a few weeks ago and have been watching it ever since.

    i am def no expert on sumo and it is quite difficult to follow for me as it has a lot of tradition and is all in japanese (do not speak the language). have watched a few videos about the basics and the rituals which have def helped lol.

    i just find the whole atmosphere,tradition and the skill of the sumo wrestlers appealing as i do love japan and its history and martial arts. sumo has all of that for sure.

    just my take on it (i know its not everyones cup of green tea).

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    C4 used to do some interesting sports and I remember watching Kabaddi quite a bit too

    Because it was in the post-pub slot the first time I saw it a i was quite a few games in thinking ‘is the ball just really small? , before I realised there wasn’t one.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I used to watch the channel 4 stuff too but it makes me squeamish now, watching them strain in thongs 😲

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