anyone camped at Bryn Bettws near afan trails

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  • anyone camped at Bryn Bettws near afan trails
  • therag

    Not sure if there is camping, I know there’s pods, a lodge @ cabins.
    There is a nice campsite at glycorrwg (whites level trail)
    Just a few miles from afan


    As above really a group of us heading to afan – found a couple of threds but no Merion of camping here
    Is it any good and good access to trails and how far to the pub
    Any other ideas greatfully received – we want to camp


    Highly recommend it. Stayed 3 weeks ago. Cheap (£4 a night?), right next to afan bike park and they do a good breakfast. w2 trail maybe 50m further up the road, starting with the zig zag descent. Showers could be cleaner though.

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    I didn’t see anyone camping when we stayed there. But the place was freezing when we stayed there and the showers were running cold. It’s unmanned after a certain time so you’ll have to call someone out if you want someone to have a look at things. We didn’t bother. Cold shower and pretty basic amenities seemed the price to pay for cheapness and easy access to the trails.

    Stayed at Green Lanterns the next time. Cost a tenner more per person, but it was money well spent!


    I stay there every year in the bunk house.
    Absolutely no complaints there.
    It’s located at the foot of the “graveyard” trail. So very convenient for trail access.
    Pub is down the road. I imagine it would take a 20min walk down the fire road.
    When I was there this year there were quite a few people camping – with access to the communal showers within the main bunkhouse building.
    My only complaint would be the midges – but hey ho that’s nature for you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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