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  • Anyone bought from Snow Inn?
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    I’ve seen threads about the ‘inn group’ before and they seemed cosher but they’ve asked for a scan of my passport or copy of a ‘credit card authorisation number’ issued by the bank before they will send the order.

    Don’t really feel like giving them any of that to save a fiver over other shops!

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    I didn’t have to do that, but did have to pay for return postage back to spain, and then they took a while to refund (return was for something that didn’t fit rather than faulty). So IMO I wouldn’t use them for a small saving or anything I wasn’t 100% sure was the right thing.

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    I ended up cancelling a head torch when the delivery dates kept slipping eventually from 5 days to 3 weeks. The cancelation was quick. As was my sisters but they still sent 6 items, or should I say, the same item six times.

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    I’ve just sent them an email to cancel. Can’t be arsed with those shenanigans. Cheers folks.

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    I ordered on behalf of the OH a couple of weeks ago. I set a copy of her passport as a result. Still waiting for the order although it does say it is on it’s way.

    Two items were cancelled though, the skis we ordered and the Dakine roller bag we ordered to carry mine and her skis in. The other bits are things for Jnr to use when racing so there is no hassle if they don’t arrive in time for our trip at the weekend. In fact we’re not too annoyed that the OHs skis have been cancelled – given the depth of the snow it’s probably better to hire so stones/rocks don’t ruin bases of new skis.

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    bought some merino wool socks from bike inn through pay pal. nothing like the above experiences. Did take a week to get here.

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