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  • Anyone bought a Canyon and paid in Euros
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    What law do you think they have broken, they set a price, and then the currency markets changed around them. Do you think it is illegal to not correctly predict currency market changes?

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    I’m not sure that’s what happened MSP.
    The GBP prices have always been higher since they moved to that format last year.


    Hi Guys, in the end I managed to get my Strive in EURs. As @anthemia said, it was a lot of hassle. Was it worth it? Depends on how deep your pockets are.

    Canyon were trying their best to be helpful, but their customer service was just not really setup for this. Had to go through the main customer service contact point each time. To be fair to them, attention to detail was amazing, they put the brakes on, the UK way for me without prompting!

    P4D couriers, one word, AMAZING. Couldn’t have been more helpful. And they seem to have a lot of experience now dealing with Canyon.

    Bike itself, very pleased with it.


    Having a UK office is very useful, as a point of contact. My rear shock needs attention, and being able to deal with someone here makes it just that little bit simpler


    It isn’t just different for us in the UK. Buying in Poland for example saves maybe £80 on a top end bike compared to the UK vs nearly £500 saving if paying in Euros. So it isn’t just us that are “hard done by” 😀 I think MSP has nailed it. They pick a price at the start of the year for each home market in the relevant currency and stick to it. Sounds like most things


    Well done anthemia & howie_lam ….

    I tried to buy a Spectral CF9EX at the Euro price as the difference is over £600 (to be saved) on current exchange rate, many emails later and I lost the will and am currently considering an alternative manufacture in the Eurozone who do not put up these obstacles to business.


    Well….5 months on from on starting this thread my Strive cf8 is ordered, by a stroke of luck my son decided he was off to visit someone in Germany later this month, so my strive is getting delivered there and coming back with him, paid in euros!!!!!
    Bike was in stock too so should be going straight out also getting the current £0.705 to the euro, paid on a credit card offering 0% fees on euro transactions….bargain!

    I did notice in the conditions of payment that they sent through that they only take paypal transactions in euros, I’m not sure what happens happens if u specify uk delivery and try and pay by paypal, if it still appears as an option, maybe worth a look.


    I’ve got a size small Canyon strive cf race frame for sale in team colours. 2 months old and the OH decided to go for a different frame which was actually his first choice previously. PM me if interested.


    So I’ve had a bit of an issue with canyon, I ordered a bike to my house in Ireland based on the fact that it was listed as ‘express’ and available to ship within 2-3 days, with the reasonable expectation it would arrive within 12 days.

    Got a call back the next day saying that someone else had ordered the same bike ten minutes earlier, but the website only refreshes every 15 mins, so I wouldnt have know this. Conclusion is it wont be arriving in time before I have to go to the UK for several weeks for work.

    Will they ship to the UK, where I will be? Nope they wont of course….. unless I want to pay the 22% more for the bike in GBP….

    They have been kind enough to refund postage and ‘bikebox’ fee, but I am considering just getting it couriered to the UK from canyon directly.

    Anyone have experience which courier is affordable for this?

    I see P4D mentioned above, but that looks like its going to be £124!



    No such luck for me :(.

    Ordered, paid in euros via Transferwise, tried to arrange a courier. Due to the pickup being booked in 45 minute slots Canyon then refused courier, and told me they would instead deliver.

    Now had an email saying they cannot deliver without changing order to GBP :(.

    Seems like you got really lucky mate.

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    Maybe they are seeing a lot of courier pick ups and clamping down a bit? Does seem harsh.

    I wonder if there is a French equivalent of Collect+ that has a depot in Calais?

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