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  • Anyone been to Switchbacks in Spain?
  • Went with them a few years ago – rides were good and he was a nice bloke but the food/drink allowances were worse than useless. Apparently he upped them just after we went though.

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    Good points: –
    Nice people
    Lovely location
    Challenging trails (maybe too much for me!)
    Plenty of food and drink options for such a small place
    DH option if that is your thing
    Uplifts for part/most of the morning rides

    Less good: –
    Accommodation pretty basic (some like that)
    We had young lad as a guide – great rider, crap guide
    Take all your own gear – they claim armour and decent hire bike availability – not in our experience.

    Lots of people recommend them and we had repeat customers on our trip. Personally I'd try another outfit but a great part of the world to ride

    Went to freeride Spain a couple of years ago, they're in the next village along from Switchbacks. Were more xc orientated, but some awesome rides, ups and downs. Good food and accomodation etc.


    I've been out to Switchbacks 3 times and wouldn't think of using anyone else for that area, not that I've heard many horror stories about the other operators, just that I get on well with Mike and the other guides, they have a nice laid back attitude, will tailor your trip to suit your needs, wants and ability, they'll push you if you need it and coach if you want it.
    Bubion is a great base, plenty of variety in food and drink, and the locals are friendly to bikers.
    The trails are fantastic, generally very technical but with great variety, fast, flowing,swoopy, steep, rocky, drop offs, loose, dusty, drifty, pick any combination! and then there are the switchbacks…
    Last time I was there we rode every day for 14 days straight, best bike trip ever :mrgreen:
    I'll be back again this autumn


    I've been twice. The first time I was blown away by the riding and I learned a huge amount in one week. Mike and Robin were the guides and they did a fantastic job with a disparate but very friendly group.

    The next year I went back with a mate and it was still great riding, but the group dynamic had shifted. All the guiding was done by a young lad and the rest of the group were mates of his from the UK which made it very cliquey and not nearly so friendly.

    I'd still recommend them for the riding and the place – the Alpujarras are just stunning!


    Can recommend Ciclo Montana, same area of riding. Really nice small family run business. Bonus of a pool at the house as well. dont know how they do it for the money!

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    Went with Switchbacks last October, absolutley fantastic. The accomadtion is basic but it made for a nice change. Mike and the other guides were great, and we learnt quite a few tips.
    The trails are simply stunning, Flowtastic anyone?
    Can't wait to go back.

    Is the damn cockerel still in the field next to the base? 👿

    alpine girl

    I went out on a holiday with Switchbacks about 3 or 4 years ago and had a great time. I'm not sure what other people are used to but I wouldn't describe the accomodation as basic (but I am normally on holiday in a tent I suppose!)

    The riding was quite a mix and depended on who was out but I was always happy. The last few days it was only a friend and myself so we pretty much got private tuition and then had a fun night out in Bubion with the guys (Mike, Robin and Tony?) So much so that the drive the day next down to Granada had to have a few pauses to "enjoy the view".

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    4 of us went with them, ended up in our own villa. It was very nice. Micheal and his wife made us very welcome. Food in the fridge and lots of help all week.

    Good amount of assists on the ups, but still had to put some effort in.

    Guides all great, we had a James a few days and Michael for the rest. Both great guides, very knowledgeble and fun to ride with. (pitty Michael's wife isn't a guide mind, sorry Michael).

    Riding was brilliant, trails we loads of fun and empty. Only ever seen other switchback people on them.

    Would highly recommend them and will use them again 🙂

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    Yep, rode with them about 3 years ago, just before we moved out to the Alps.

    Good people, fantastic trails. Quite different to anything I've ridden in either the UK or the Alps (lots of exposed rock). swavis – Aye, Flowtastic indeed! I've been trying to find something out here to name in homage to it! Mike's a very good coach as well.

    Highly recommended, would definitely go back.


    I've been about 5 or 6 times and wish I could go again!

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    Been twice and would be going this year if it wasn't for donk Jr's arrival.

    Some more pampered individuals may not like the accomodation and some less fit might not like the amount of climbing (some uplifts but you gotta earn those downs, "love the climb") but I loved it. Oh and I believe they do get a lot of repeat custom so must be doing OK for most people.


    Been 6 times and going again this year, love Bubion, Mike, Isobele, Robin, Lucky, etc are great guides/hosts. The trails are so good.

    Wouldnt call the accom basic though, as for food one of the brit locals knocks up a very good curry (order from Isobele) which is delivered to your door if the restaurants are closed, the food in some of the places in Bubion is a bit gash but the Belgian restaurant is superb as is the pizza place in Cappileria.

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