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    I like it. Wide choice of beaches, restaurants etc. Great for people watching. Distinct lack of gobby youths. Not sure what it’s like for kids but the beaches and coves are safe.

    Been years ago when I was a kid. Can’t remember too much about it, but I loved it. I’ve loved every holiday i’ve had in Majorca, even the Magaluf years!


    Wife & I been going the last 3 years. Absolutely love it. Actually stay in the hotel that leads on to the pic you have shown. The Cala d’Or Hotel.

    It’s a beautiful place. Very quiet, but only 2mins walk to all the fantastic restaurants. I think there is only one nightclub which kinda tells you it’s not for youngsters. Great Irish bar towards centre of main square, with live music … superb band been there last 2yrs.
    I take my road bike. San Salvador and other little climbs are not too far away.
    The little cove pictured is great too. Even in peak season there are always su beds vacant. We however prefer to stay by pool in hotel and walk the 20yds to sea.
    Only negative is … The mauve-stinger jellyfish love me.
    Every year I get wrapped up in one as I swim out to buoy’s … and they do sting a little.


    Looks and sound like our type of place. Any views?


    Haven’t been east of the Island, we stayed in Palma itself and drove round mostly north and west. If you hire a car Palma and Soller are worth a nosey.

    Really liked it. We stayed in the apartment hotel right above that beach. Although it’s not a private beach there were very few people there and ace for swimming. If you do stay in that hotel, make sure you’re in the complex that IS next to the beach and not on the ground floor (lack of privacy). didn’t think much of the town however, and the marina was a fair distance from the hotel, and all a bit modern for my liking. And if caves are your thing the caves of Drac (?) aren’t far away, but I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend a nice day.

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    That looks great. Are the jellyfish a year round occurrence? I do go prepared for stingers but would prefer none.
    What’s the Mtb potential in the area?


    Been there a couple of times, some good walking straight out of the hotel too so take some boots. Good riding also and a much quieter place compared to the bigger resorts. Bus link not too bad to go visiting other towns as well.


    Not too sure about mtb. I would doubt it offers much to be honest.
    The jellyfish just appear for one day a week when we were there. They aren’t a prob, I spent hours every day swimming around the cove. Just unlucky I guess.
    I agree about the ground level rooms. Def get 1st floor.
    If your after a relaxed holiday it’s great.


    Whether jellyfish are in the water around the beaches depends on the prevailing winds at the time and the time on year. If theres an onshore wind there is a higher likelihood of jellyfish, similarly I’ve noticed more jellyfish at the start of the season (may/June) than at the end, but they can really appear at any time.

    Most of the time its not a problem, but you could get a week where you cant go the sea because of the jellyfish. the mauve stingers are the prevalent type, and they dont actually sting too badly, more discomfort than actual pain, but still, not nice.

    I’m in majorca for about 30 days in total per year (got a place there), and theres usually just a few handful of days where I cant go in the sea at all,and they usually occur in may/june.

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    Cala D’or is nice esp if you are staying outside of the centre. The marina isn’t far away to walk and there’s some decent restaurants there, esp on the side way from Cala D’or (ie Blanco Negro iirc). Would recommend hiring a car so you can have more variety re restaurants (if you’re meat eaters, Bonna Tula is great as is Zab thai) and also to check out some of the other lovely beaches such as Es Trenc & Cala Mondrago. Palma is nice for a trip to break things up & you can take the old charming railway up to Soler. Mallorca definitely a place you get more out of byheading off and exploring a bit. I’ve been going the last few years and last summer was the only time I’ve been where jellyfish have been a prob but as above, was told it was to do with the winds so poss just bad luck last summer.

    Been years ago. Nice place. Bit more expensive than other parts which means more Germans but no rowdy British yoofs.


    TBH in parts of Ibiza and other islands we experienced more Germans than Brits and I preferred them (am I allowed to say that?).

    We loved Portinatx on Ibiza, so hoping this is something similar, with maybe just a little more in the way of eateries etc without being too lively

    Slight hijack, and I’d apologise if I didn’t hate the OP, but for those who’ve been in Sept, how were temps/weather?

    Sept has always been great for us, and it’s when the sea is the hottest. Problem is that could work against you-we were in Cala d’or a couple of years ago when a tornado ripped through the complex-most of the trees pictured above disappeared in minutes and all the sand was washed off the beach. That was 30minites of panic amongst an entire week of 25 degrees and cloudless skies!

    Premier Icon wallop

    We loved Portinatx on Ibiza, so hoping this is something similar, with maybe just a little more in the way of eateries etc without being too lively

    Same here, I think Cala D’or is exactly that.

    Slight hijack, and I’d apologise if I didn’t hate the OP

    love you too dd 😉

    Looking at staying at the Cala D’or Hotel, exactly on that beach.

    The stingers were all over our bay in Ibiza, but were reasonably easy to spot in the calm clear water and didn’t spoil the swimming too much. I was told it’s when there is stormy weather offshore.

    Thinking of hiring a car at the airport in Palma, rather than a 90 min transfer, or pricey taxi, so will do a bit of exploring if we can drag ourselves from the beach – we like to chill out and relax.

    Have pretty much settled on this now as our summer destination, backed up by the responses on here – cheers!

    Some more pics to whet the appetite…

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    Slight hijack, and I’d apologise if I didn’t hate the OP, but for those who’ve been in Sept, how were temps/weather?

    Been a few times in early October and its been warm enough for lazing on the beach and swimming in the sea. From mid October it can get wet and windy, but September is pretty safe.

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    We are lucky enough to go to Cala D’Or most years as the Mrs family has a villa there. If there’s anything specific you want to know please feel free to ask.

    As mentioned there are some really nice restaurants around the Marina. It’s a bit nicer round there than in the centre which is a little more (dare I say chavvy!?). Botavara is one of our favourites but there is quite a few. Also go see John at the Smugglers pub at the Marina. Great place to sit out and watch the boats and people!

    We rent a car most years and in September you can usually pick up good deals. I think we paid around £100 for the week but bare in mind a taxi each way from Palma is €80!? It’s also good as I used it to travel a little further north for a day guided mountain biking which was great in September. Can recommend Roxy Bike as they were ace.

    The beach at the Cala D’Or hotel is very nice. It’s an eco beach so it’s nice and clean compares to some where you get the wate from the Harbour drifting in. Mondrago is another great beach and worth a day out. Once again helps with having a car.

    Anything else feel free to ask!


    Previously we have gone in early/mid August. This year however we are going first week of September. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler. Whilst the beach is never rammed – it is a lot busier than those pix suggest.
    As for the mauve-stingers. They are usually easy to see floating on surface of water, but certainly hurt enough to grab your attention … feels like a sharp burning sensation for 10-15mins, then just itches for an hour or so.

    There seems to be 50/50 British and Italian tourists the times we have been. Probably Germans there too, but never really noticed them.
    The hotel Cala d’Or are good about taking your bike. Well worth it just to do little local rides to the numerous little sanctuaries on top of the little hills dotted about.

    Try not to make eye contact with the ‘band’ that goes around the square every evening … otherwise you have 4 fellas playing their instruments in your ear as you try to eat … then demand money off you. It was nice the first evening … Bloody nuisance there after!


    Went there about 10 years ago. Took inflatable canoes, managed to squeeze them in our luggage allowance. Got some strange look as we launched them from that beach and paddled out of the cove. Had a nice paddle north to Cala Mitjana and Cala Sa Nau. Saw some dolphins on the way back, a nice day out.

    All booked for a week in August. Can’t bloody wait!

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    Stopped at the same hotel their twice, really liked it. Haven’t done any riding in the area but as has been said some great places to eat. I liked the pedestrianised areas, really safe for jnr.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    interested in trying this next year possibly. is it generally cheaper to go with the usual agents, or can it be better to book flights/hotel separately?
    oh, and how would you ensure you get a 1st floor apartment in the above hotel? usually even if you email places asking for certain rooms its pot luck whether youre successful.


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    Well the King clan will also be heading to Cala D’or mid September. Some useful points and recommendations above so thanks for that. We’ve been to Soller before and enjoyed that so hoping for more of the same. Cheers

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    Went there in 89. I was 9. Is Mark’s Bar still there? Please tell me Mark’s Bar is still there

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    I got horrendous food poisoning there in the mid 80’s. Lovely place then, suspect it’s probably a little more built up now

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