Anyone been to Barbados in September?

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  • Anyone been to Barbados in September?
  • b r

    Been a couple of times in late August/early September and we’ve had it before/during/after the storms.

    tbh Even when it is coming down like stair-rods, it’s still warm.

    Best holiday though was when the hurricanes were ‘late’, even the locals were complaining of the heat.


    a few handy sites

    One Caribbean Weather

    Storm Carib

    last few years have had a few more huricannes but they have been further north up at antigua, anguilla etc.
    its always hot even when the rain comes, and its usually early morning or late afternoon. beyond that, enjoy the sea!


    I’ve been to Barbados in September and although it was warm enough, most of the time it was cloudy. So you may not get as much sun as you would like. As you say, its hurricane season and it can get windy too.

    Went in mid May once and it was great because the weather was perfect and it wasnt too busy there.

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    There will be rain by the looks of it, does it come down for half an hour then bright sunshine again?
    It’s supposed to be hurricane free but with the wacky weather what’s the real story?

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