Anyone beat Triple S for powdercoating?

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  • Anyone beat Triple S for powdercoating?
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    I want to have my Soul done after the winter.

    Mate wants to have his new (second hand) TT frame done in club colours.

    Triple S are always recommended – any other recommendations for a good job (rather than boshing through with the same finish as the tank parts that were painted earlier that morning.. 🙂 )?


    Just had a frame done at Triple S £80 met black, very good indeed but Tracey had one done in Castleford for half the price so try searching on the forum for her post.

    I've used a place (Specialist Coatings) in Halifax before for my Soul. Finish was "orange peel'd" which looked almost Hammerite-esque. Wasn't 100% happy with it but apparently thats a common finish on places that are more used to industrial scale coatings.

    Used Triple-S earlier this year to get my Blur 4X done and they were tremendous. Honestly, its worth paying (twice) the extra over what I paid for my Soul to get done. Its not dulled or worn etc and they correctly masked off all the bearing surfaces, headtube, BB etc etc. Certainly know what they're doing and had a mega quick turnaround (called Bob Jacksons beforehand and they quoted me a 5 WEEK turnaround – Triple-S did it in a few days including dipping the frame).


    Orange peel occurs when the coaters put the powder on too thickly. We have our extrusions at work coated relatively thinly (40-60 microns), but don't get orange peel and the coating looks good.

    Not had experience with Triple S before, but any coaters who've had experience with bike before are far more likely to get a good finish than a 'std' coaters.

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    Triple S specialise in motorbikes- streetfighters and restorations and the like- and there's nobody more demanding than that. BBS in Edinburgh used to be just as good, but now aren't so interested in the high quality work IMO, ESP in Glasgow are very nearly as good, no doubt there's others but personally, I'd go to Triple S every time, they reliably do first class work.


    When I used to do coating, orange peel was indicative of spray drying as opposed to thickness related.

    Although on my latest frame I deliberatly went for a powdercoat that has that look.

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