anybody used 'naked wines' before?

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  • anybody used 'naked wines' before?
  • chunkypaul

    i have a £40 off voucher for naked wines to use before xmas, so thinking about getting a nice mixed case

    is it over priced tat or decent plonk? decent delivery?

    Premier Icon MikeG

    disclaimer: I know very little about wine 🙂

    I’ve used them for a couple of years since getting a £75 voucher for something or another. They’ve been very good, delivery is quick and if you’re not in they will leave it somewhere safe (and promise to replace if it gets nicked) the wine has, with only one exception (which was refunded with no quibble), been very good. I normally buy £8-£12 bottles from supermarkets and at a similar price I think the naked wines have been better. If you sign up to be an ‘angel’ you get 33% cashback to spend on your next order.


    disclaimer: I know very little about wine

    that makes two of us!



    Nope, but particularly fond of wines whilst naked. highly recommended.



    Yeah, we’ve been using them for a while.Good delivery and decent quality too.You can’t really go wrong as if you get a bottle you don’t like they give you your money back.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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