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  • Anybody used a “learner driver policy” for their kids?
  • wrightyson

    Seems like a good idea, had a shit few days trying to get the daughter on our car insurance whilst on a provisional. Mrs ws came across a couple of companies who insure the learner on an individual policy, can even do a few hours here and there or up to 4/5 months. Thoughts?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    We looked. The cost of our normal insurance plus extra learner insurance was far more than changing main insurance.
    M&S let us out mid policy with no extra costs as they wouldn’t cover learner.
    New policy was £10 more than M&S, but with learner son on and higher excess.
    Even with the ‘extra’ learner policy, your insurance is affected by a claim, so no advantage there.

    Do check with a new provider if they cover them when passed, and how much.

    The big comparison sites like are ideal for running figures like this – you can save car and driver details, then tick or untick box for provisional or full licence.

    Premier Icon TiRed

    Wait till they pass! We swapped to a two cars on one policy with both sons as named drivers. The increase for a 21 yo was about £400 and the increase on top for the 18 yo was another £200. Neither can drive the larger engined CRV.

    For reference, adding just to my policy for a group 19 Twingo 133 renaultsport car was only an extra £2200! I did not make that up btw. So they now both have access for a relatively modest cost.

    The 18yo took and passed his test in the Twingo! The look on the examiners face as he made progress on the dual carriageway in th at 4000 revs was priceless. No sixth gear of course.

    We used marmalade for my son. Not necessarily the cheapest (there were probably cheaper options around at the time) but it was a convenient way for them to be insured on our car without it affecting our insurance. I think it was around £80 for a couple of months which was pretty reasonable. Was brilliant for giving our son lots of driving experience and practice so he only ended up having around 8 formal driving lessons.

    Premier Icon tthew

    Yeah Adrian Flux for us, but they were expensive once the daughter passed. Actually they are all bloody expensive once passed, but co-op were less so.

    Works well as it’s their own policy, so doesn’t affect yours if they have a prang.


    We got our boy his own policy as a learner on his own car. He could be supervised and tested and the only proviso was that he needed to declare that he’d passed before he could drive home from the test centre
    We were insured as drivers too. The premium didn’t change once he’d passed, which is something to watch out for. That was with Directline

    Premier Icon colp

    Had a learner policy with Flux direct, decent value. Once he passed he’s gone with More Than with a black box that is a nightmare, keeps giving false results.
    I gave my son loads for speeding, then had a go, stuck exactly at or just under every limit and got a -10 for speed.

    Premier Icon Alex

    We used flux direct for Child-1. And then Admiral afterwards as flux were very expensive (even compared to std eye watering premiums for 17 year olds). Child 2 was complicated as we needed to insure him on the car that was in his sisters name and she was the primary driver.

    Ended up going Marmalade and hoping he wouldn’t ruin her black box telematics. So far so good. When he passes, I’ve no idea what we’re going to do. Two under 20 kids on one policy. Might bed to sell the house!


    Yeh, seems like a no lose option.

    I forget the name but part of the admiral group

    Premier Icon TiRed

    We are with admiral too. Downside is I don’t now have third party to drive another car as policy is in Mrs TiRed’s name.

    Premier Icon fossy

    Son has a ‘policy’ due up in a few months (savings plan we’ve had since they were born). He can get a car with the pay out, so long as he’s saved a good amount towards the insurance, as he has a part time job whilst at college. He passed back in the Autumn.

    Insurance on my 17 year old saloon car was something like £4k with my son on it (costs me £200) My wife’s car was another silly quote.

    He has researched that the Kia’s, upto about 4/5 years old come in rather good on ‘own’ insurance. I’m not insuring my kids on my full ‘no claims’.

    He’s looking at £1k plus, but the deal is he is earning enough to pay for fuel/insurance whilst at college. Might sound tough, but his part time job pays well.

    I only had a car at 18 as I was earning. We pay for his ‘bus pass’ – no need for a car when at college if you are somewhere with half decent public transport.

    Premier Icon falkirk-mark

    Used them for both kids they worked well,cheaper per month the longer you take it however most don’t want to know when test is passed which we found okay. TBH if taking out insurance get the cheapest pre test then get new policy after test, workmates son was quoted nearly a grand for a basic fiesta with 4 months remaining on policy, He could get nearly a full year for about the same cash with a black box,

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