Anybody use CCDB Air on Nomad C or similar?

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  • Anybody use CCDB Air on Nomad C or similar?
  • I’ve never been 100% happy with the feel of the RP23 on my Nomad. I’m 14.5 stone kitted up, sit down to grind up hills but can (sometimes) be a bit quick on the downs. Not a big air chap really so set up should be easy you’d think?

    I find the feel numb and notice little change with propedal / rebound adjustments.

    My mate rides my bike and loves it but he’s a fair bit lighter than me, go on a diet some may say….

    I’m considering the CCDB air as I hope it gives better / more specific adjustment but to drop £500 is a big investment.

    Anybody have any views / opinions that may help or better still anyone had the same issues, changed and now loving it?

    Cheers peeps.



    I had the same problem with my nomad but I’m 3 stone heavier than you. I wanted the ccdb but with the amount of settings it would be like putting a granny in a Porsche so I went for the dsp dueler and to be fair it works a treat for a third less.

    Hi Gary
    I have a ccdb air on a mega. I changed it as I could not get the rear to feel how I wanted it. I like the rear to return slower than most.

    Anyhow its a very good shock, I tend to adjust the low speed up and down dependant on what sort of riding I am doing.

    Where about are you? You could pop round d and try it if you are near


    I recently got a Nomad C with Fox CTD shock, my first plan was to change to CCDB Air as I have been extremely unhappy with Fox air shocks on other bikes including VPP systems. However I have to say the CTD has been a massive and pleasant surprise, not feeling any mid-stroke wallowing at all, just good controlled travel. The three settings are seemingly ideal as well, which is a bit alien to me as I am a true suspension “tinkerer” and had assumed I would in no way be happy with “stock” tune.

    In summary, maybe give the CTD a try… its a lot cheaper than the CCDB Air and the three settings available really seem to deliver…

    Thanks for this everyone, I’m near Epsom but ride Swinley a fair bit larrythelathe if you’re anywhere near?

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    Speak to one of the tuners they may be able to re set your shock for a lot less.


    Loco will tune it specifically for you and your bike for a good price. or try Jtech / TF / Mojo.

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    I’ve got a ccdb air on an ibis mojo HD.

    It pretty decent as you’d expect for the money,but you do need to have a good feel for the way the bike handles and how the changes to the various settings of the shock affect the bike in order to get the most out of it, and you will need to spend time tweaking and tuning over a period of rides etc, ie invest some significant time in the setup.

    The CC website does have a base tune for the nomad though, so that’ll get you to 80% of a good setup.


    I own one, on my Tracer 2. It feels like a coil shock. Expensive but the difference is very very goood!


    If you can afford it then go for it, speaking as a previous CCDB owner (on a Covert) I’d just get your rp23 pushed, is much cheaper and will get you close to the feel u want without adding loads of weight. ccdbs make everything too easy anyway!


    I have a Nomad C with an RP23, 13st all in, was blowing through it’s travel too easily, ended up putting the mid-sized air volume spacer in which sorted it.
    I have the CCDB Air on a Yeti 303RDH, after a warranty return (was leaking oil through the compression/rebound adjusters) the shock has been excellent. Didn’t stray too far from initial base settings.

    You can tune something, in my experience though you never get it spot on first go. So you can spend a fortune tweeking a OK shock.
    My thoughts for what its worth


    I have a ccdb tuned and setup for a nomad and weigh about the same as you. I was thinking of selling it and live near Swinley so if you’re interested my email is in profile.

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