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  • anybody on here own a Tracer (size Large)
  • BMC09

    evening STW

    does anyone own a Large Intense Tracer/Tracer 2 ?
    if so can you post a pic please? want to see what the frame looks like compared to a med (what most sites seem to display)

    secondly – your humble opinions on the Tracer 2 would be greatly appreciated.

    cheers in advance


    Gonna post it anyway


    The Swede – nice pool 😉 also frame looks awesome in that colour.

    how tall are you guys?


    Not the best – but a few more pictures Here


    6’2″ and fits like a glove

    Here’s mine with the seat post stupidly high after cleaning it.

    I’m 6’2” and the Large is perfect.

    Opinons on Tracer 2? I’ve not ridden one but from what I’ve heard on MTBR they’re at least a pound heavier. Personally, the extra weight has put me off them as they’re now quite a bit heavier than a Nomad for example.


    6, 2″ here as well. Tempted by a tracer 2, but really doesn’t give me a whole lot more for the money… Unless by the sound of it on mtbr you need more metal.

    Mine is currently just over 27lbs with revs, ccdb, crest hoops, etc will drop a bit more yet into the upper 26lbs bracket but then again may bunk that back up with a dropper post. Nice versatile stead really, many happy mies for me.

    Due to injuries/operations I’m still only getting to know my Tracer (despite having it since October).

    However, one thing that (in my opinion) really sets it apart from similar bikes is it’s versatility.

    For example, stick it in 5.5” mode and to me it feels a whole lot snappier and taught than in the 6” mode. As such I use shorter travel for trail centres and the 6” mode for high speed straightline descending rock-gobbling fabness in the Peaks (and occasional DH days).

    I have Lyriks on mine and it’s insanely quick on rocky, loose descents..


    Yup I agree with you Rpoey, 6″ feels far to wallowy but 5.5″ seems to transform the bike for me, it feels tighter and more agile


    6,1″. 1 x 10, droppy post, talas. Loves it. Never tried it in 5.5 mode. Pool belongs to Joyriders unfortunately.


    I’ve had two. They were excellent and are missed. SS1 is better though IMHO. I’ll dig out some pics later on.


    follow the blog down and to the older posts at the bottom and there is all the photos of the differant sizes next to each other

    when folks say its a pound heavier, what are you talking about to compare it to in terms of the original? what i mean is, with a average spec (not xtr!) what was your weight. if it was 27-28-29 pounds then that extra pound is quite liveable (in my opinion!)

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Can you describe the ride characteristcs?

    I’ve always has an issue with it feeling firm in the initial part of the stroke (although it handles well) and perhaps not as small bump soaking as other bikes, but the could be my fox van R compression tune? Or just the vpp?

    Or is it the same for you guys?

    My humble opinion;

    I test rode a Tracer vp for a weekend. To me it seemed like a bit more of an all rounder than the T2, mainly this is weight, but also due to the steeper slightly head angle.

    On the back of the T-VP test ride I bought a Tracer 2. The Tracer 2 is a beast, 1lb heavier, but feels sturdy as owt, an absolute riot. I’ve got -1 degree slackers on mine, size large, approx 66deg head angle, 13.9 bb height 17″ chainstays, 29.6″ front center.

    I reckon shows the riding that the T2 was designed for.

    It feels like it’s taken a step towards the slope style 1’s that people were trail riding…

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