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  • Anybody know anything about "Penny" skateboards?
  • legend

    Did you buy an actual Penny board or one that looked like a Penny board?


    Go for a new original Penny if you can afford it. You can choose your own colours on their website. Nice new bearings, wheels and trucks will make it easier for your daughter to learn on. A £40 second hand board will probably need a few new parts which will push the cost up.

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    I got a penny-a-like for stoner jr last year for £25 from the high street.

    It’s actually pretty well made. Smooth trucks/bearings. Well assembled, no play. Not branded, just a “Made in China” detail cast in the base of the deck.

    Frankly I think theyre crap when compared to just a basic nice plywood deck. But that’s not what the kidz want is it.

    Legend – One that looked like it I’m afraid. She’s been saving and even did a little garage sale of some of her old toys with handmade signage around the neighbourhood. I’m proud of her for trying to do it all herself and I think she’s learning an important lesson about the value of money. I’m happy to contribute a bit but I’m hoping she can get one thats ok in her £40 (ish) budget. The real penny ones seem to be around twice that 😯

    Stoner – looks like a trip to town may be on the cards to see what our local high street has to offer. Great…I hate shopping when it’s real life and not bike bits on the internet!


    Ok, so the online customisation tool is quite fun…

    Ok singletrackworld, font of all knowledge. My daughter has her heart set on a “penny” skateboard. She found one on ebay that arrived today, ok it was cheap but the wheels and trucks seem carp to me, gritty rattly bearings, shoddy castings and loose bits all over. Quite frankly I would be worried she would be safe on it. So it’s gone back. There seems to be a few on amazon around the £40 mark that get good reviews but I know nothing about these things. Hell hath no fury like a disappointed 13 year old daughter so anyone got any advice/experience?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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