anybody have children who play minecraft?

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  • anybody have children who play minecraft?
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    Yup Minecraft is available Mac.

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    My son (11) spends his time building all sorts of things. Cities, underground train networks, TNT cannons, roller-coasters and logic gates are his favourites.

    My girlfriends son who is 10 spends every available second playing it. When he is not playing it he is watching youtube videos of it and when he is not doing that he is boring everyone to death by talking about it as if anybody else has a clue what he is on about.


    Thanks Sammy & Drac, will check it out again.



    I can’t remember if that article mentions it or not but make sure you set up the minecraft login whitelist on the minecraft server. This will prohibit anyone who’s name is not on the list getting on (“Yer name’s not down, yer not gettin’ in!”).

    I’m guessing you/your daughter only want certain friends to be able to get online together?


    My son and step-son are both obsessed – nearly as much with the YouTube channels as they are with actually playing the game.
    I had to intervene with some of the stuff they were watching though – iBallisticSquid and Stampy are safe enough, but some of the language from the others isn’t suitable for a 10 year old and an 8 year old.
    Although Stampy’s laugh will make you want to put knitting needles in your ears.

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    My daughter and all her school mates play in.

    I set up a server for my daughter so she can be on with her friends but in a controlled (by me!) world.

    I use these people…

    …only costs £2.50 a month and saves you having to open up your own computer to the world.

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