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  • Anybody has a Jeep Cherokee?
  • They are cheap, boxy, 4×4, my wife dislikes them. Seems a good idea, is it? I would love a Defender but they're way too expensive.
    Oh, diesel would be the choice, 2.5l of it. C'mon, tell me why I shouldn't 🙂


    Friend had a Cherokee jeep all top bits and mint
    Flogged last week now wished he had kept it.

    Out of the Two Il go for the Cherokee mainly being there more
    lower to the ground as the higher 4*4 s was prone
    to tipping over on bends at motorways speeds and this was what
    a RAC guy told me.
    Get one with service history too as expensive to correct.

    The best Jeep to buy would be the Toyota Land Crusier
    mainly for reliability.
    And make sure its diesel unless you prefer a drinking partner.

    My HRV gets 17.3 which is even better then the CRV on that report.

    Used to have a 2.5 Petrol Cherokee it was a good laugh off road, dreadful on fuel and smaller than you'd expect inside. The ride is a bit choppy too. If you do get on make sure the spare is on and not in the boot as if it is you cant fit anything much in there as the spare takes up a lot of room.

    The only thing that failed in three years was a coolant pipe so I think if you get a well looked after one you'll be OK.

    I quite like them.


    Had a 4ltr petrol & it was great fun. Only got stuck in the snow once & that was a deep drift (live in North Scotland)
    Very heavy on fuel & if you want it to get through any conditions have tyres that can do it. BF Goodridge all terian's worked really well.
    The straight 6 block is bullit proof but the diffs/transter box can be fragile.

    Premier Icon househusband

    Wife had a new (diesel) one several years ago; needs a 4×4 for horsebox towing duties – and at that it was great. Agree with joolsburger that it is rather small inside, and the rear door configuration was a PITA.

    Now has a Kia Sorento, which is most respects is a much better car – and I was astonished with the build quality. So much so that I looked at Kia/Hyundai (Hyundai own Kia) and ended up buying a pre-registered i30 in August.

    Take a look at the Sorento – you might be surprised.

    You'll need a second job to keep the bugger in fuel.

    nice to see my shogun fairs well in that report but I knew that already thats why I bought it

    Well, if I buy one it'll be only because I want one. In Ireland everything is near so I could have some fun. I don't want a Korean pseudo-Jeep, Toyota is too dear, Landie seems very costly too. Cherokee is cheap, it apparently has the engine based on my Pug's oil-burner, with big tires it looks cool. I'll check the sizing though. Thanks!


    Our neighbour had his 4.0L petrol for sale last month for £500, had no takers.

    For for some weird reason this week aparently he sold it for £1200 😉


    Yep, had one for 8 years (4L). Utterly reliable, drives like a go-cart, goes anywhere thanks to fuckoff big engine, verry light weight and remarkable turning circle. MPG is around 20. I had mine LPG'd a couple of years ago. Did quite a lot to it actually as I expeditionised it.

    Any complaints of reliability issues tend to be trivial stuff. Aircon, window buttons etc. Typical American really. Low-tech, bulletproof but finer quality details are, err, a bit big-mac.

    Have a look at Birty Dastards for all things Jeep in the UK.

    The 2.5L is the same one that went in some Landies, so has Land Rover reliability. The 4L is the one to get, but if you must have a diesel do some reading (heads crack I believe).


    5thElefant – Member

    Yep, had one for 8 years (4L). Utterly reliable, drives like a go-cart, goes anywhere thanks to fuckoff big engine, verry light weight and remarkable turning circle. MPG is around 20. I had mine LPG'd a couple of years ago

    How much did it cost to convert 5thElefant?

    & how much do you save using LPG?

    Thinking I might have just missed a bargin 😉


    About £1500 I think but I fitted the tank myself as I wanted something a bit non-standard. I removed the rear seats and fitted a 140L tank in their place then fitted a new 'floor' at window level in the back and fitted drawers.

    20mpg stock. 16mpg with LPG.

    LPG is half the price of petrol so that's the equivalent of about 32mpg.

    I suspect I'll still have it when the oil runs out.

    I used to work for the Jeep importers CJUK, even there is was said that Jeep stood for Just Enough Essential Parts

    I have a 2.8l Diesel. Build quality is poor compared to Japanese equivalents, paint is soft and it is easily the worst car I have ever driven.

    But for some reason I love it and will keep until the wheels fall off.

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