Anybody got a really lightweight singlespeed ?

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  • Anybody got a really lightweight singlespeed ?
  • fontmoss

    Some more pics, not great sadly.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Nice bike but I reckon 14lbs is optimistic

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    mattjg – Member
    ^^ top pic 6013!

    Cheers – its from the HONC. Perfect day for a rigid SS. SO much mud.

    Was waiting for a Tranny to show up. How much hassle is it to fold it away? Very jealous too

    They come apart easily. Getting the bolts back through is a slight pain. Otherwise its a lovely bike. Bit like the Evil Sov I had a few years ago (it also ran SS and you could mount a dropper post) but much lighter. Fantastic all rounder IMO, can run v light rigid SS or 1×10 with short stem, wide bars and 120’s on.


    Salsa Selma 18lbs on my digital scales. Rigid Exotic forks, Hope/Crests.

    As above, surprisingly capable on the downs as it just bounces off everything.



    Here’s my One9 with it’s not unanimously loved red chain!

    Not a particularly light build – Ardents, 180mm brakes etc so could easily trim another couple of lbs from it. No idea of the current weight though.


    Pace with pace sus forks and magura hydraulic rim brakes; 22lbs.

    My 26er Cotic simple comes in at 23lbs on my baggage scales
    easton alloy bars
    exotic stem
    Hope Mini brakes
    Rock shox revs dual air
    Hope s/s hub on 717’s
    spesh 2.2 puratory and captain with a ghetto tubeless conversion
    Lx hollowtec crankset
    No Name carbon seatpost with a spoon saddle

    It rides great and I feel that there is not alot of weight I can save on this build without spending shed loads of dosh

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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