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  • waihiboy


    May have the chance of buying the father-in-laws car dirt cheap its an X Reg.

    Anybody have any experience of these, what is the MPG like?

    Will mainly be used by the wife for work



    sh*t wrong forum, i hate it when it does that


    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Pretty poor mpg from the one I had years ago – 2000cc, 6-cyl petrol manual.

    Engine has little torque so has to be revved hard for any performance – nice sound though.


    about 30-35 mpg
    nice car would have again, check cd still works err3 problem is terminal
    check lower ball joints as they go at 40k
    lexus owners club is a mine of info


    Poor economy? My Forester is 32mpg and I consider that good!!


    well compared to say a ten year old diesel that gives 50mpg even when wellying it..


    Company I used to work for had one as a pool car and I used to love driving it.
    Engine is VERY smooth, but does need revving as already said because it’s not that torquey. Thing is, it’s soooo smooth that revving it is no bother.
    Interior also a pretty nice place to be.
    Can’t really comment on reliability or mpg really, but it was never out of action (as opposed to the Alfa 156 that was always at the dealer).


    10yr old diesel? I’d rather drive a 2.8V6 VAG or R32 and revel in the engine than endure the ‘savings’ of a diesel 🙄

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    think that’s just you hora.

    Premier Icon cp

    I’m with Hora. ignoring economy, i much prefer the feel of petrol cars (i’ve driven a variety of diesel cars, from my 205 to a bmw 330d… (though i have to say the bmw 330d was the exception to the rule, save for a small amount of lag from standstill) back to economy… if you ignore any fuel economy advantage of a diesel (which is getting smaller, and in the real world some cost more to run on diesel than petrol on equivalent models at todays fuel prices), a diesel car is more expensive to run – more parts to go wrong/replace at service (particulate filters, high pressure pumps, high pressure injection systems, turbos…)

    Back to the OP, Lexuss (lexii?) are famous for reliabilty, smooth engines and the ability to go intergalactic on mileage.

    *I currently run a 15yr old pug 205 1.8 normally aspirated diesel, though will be replacing soon with a 2 litre subaru legacy. I hope. 🙂

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