Anybody else got a chest infection/cough?

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  • Anybody else got a chest infection/cough?
  • Or is it just us primates.Any tips for shifting it greatly appreciated.


    me too, lots of water and fruit/veg and rehydration tabs

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    Yup. Since Boxing day. I have mainly been telling my wife about it every ten minutes.

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    yes 🙁 since before christmas, thought it was clearing up but its back worse today

    I wonder if my air vent heating system is making me cough.Must try and replace the foam filters.


    Yes. Although whilst the cough felt like a wire brush in my chest, the last four days have been more about being bed-bound with my constant fever of >39deg 🙁

    Back on my rather unsteady feeling feet today to look after Slack jr as Mrs Slack returns to work. The cough now just feels like a stiff bristled brush inside my chest. Have eaten precious little apart from co-codamol, ibuprofen and satsuma chunks since last Saturday evening, I have certainly felt healthier.

    Bright and sunny morning here, ideal for a ride but I don’t think I could pedal anywhere. I do have a pair of SID’s that need servicing and a travel reducer, so with some judicious clearing of the kitchen…

    yep, since christmas eve, coughing at night has been bad but its just easing now thank f*&^! Mrs.C isbt happy that ive passed it onto my 3 month son… 😐


    Yup for a couple of weeks now,mostly at night and sometimes very “productive”. I think my lungs have started producing araldite it’s that sticky.

    I think mine might be associated to the broken ribs that still haven’t healed properly after eight weeks.

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    Yup, had it since about the 22nd. Transmogrified (now there’s a word) into a very nasty cold on the 30th, during which the cough receded a bit. The cold has now receded in turn, but the cough seems to be back with a vengeance. Ah well, it’s the time of year isn’t it..

    3 1/2 weeks and I’ve almost stopped coughing – I might even manage a short gentle bike ride today.

    Sore throat. Endless coughing. Post nasal drip.
    After it got to day 15 I sort of lost track but I think it went on at least another week.

    Been free of most symptoms for about a week now, but yesterday back to sore throat again. Its not that you feel really terrible, as colds go I have had far worse.. its the span of time that wears you down as you get so fed up of not feeling normal. Makes me appreciate more what the genuinely long term ill must go through, poor sods. I only had a cold.

    Being an Asthma sufferer doesn’t help in my case.


    Slackalice – Sounds like you should be going to see your doc asap. A proper chest infection = Pneumonia

    I went to the doc and he’s put me on steroids!Managed to avoid anti-biotics.Just found out that the air vent heating system in here may be irritating my chest.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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