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  • Any Youtube channel recommendations for lockdown?
  • matt_outandabout
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    Northern Scavenger – big canoe trips.. Currently heading across Labrador…

    Strangely addictive at times, Millennial Farmer

    Smarter Every Day – space stuff particularly.

    Hubnut. Old Citroen’s and other shite cars a go-go. Complete with sandals.

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    Glad you mentioned HubNut matt, Ian’s channel has kept me amused for a few years.
    His road trip to Croatia (in a very non straight line) in his 2CV was brilliant.

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    AgentJayZ. An unhealthy interest in orenda turbines.

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    that guy desperately needs to edit. You could actually build a respectable Youtube channel, with income, just ripping his videos, cutting them down to 10-15minutes

    It’s why I really struggle with YouTube stuff, the amateur levels of presentation, constant umm, ahh, err pauses as they think of what to say next or babble on incessantly. Hambini is a classic example; as you say you could actually make some decent 10-min videos if you cut out the waffle and swearing and self-preening.

    I like GCN and there’s a lot of woodwork/epoxy ones crop up on my FB which I find quite relaxing and artistic. WOOD Presents! is a good one.

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    rapping Dr Seuss genius

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    hooks was good , cheers for that.

    foresty forest is a good one , long distance fatbike tours and van life. quite a character.

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    Not read so may be repeats but:

    – Adam Savages One Day Builds
    – Felix Immler (Victorinox SAK hacks)
    – Old Shovel (retro MTB builds etc)
    – Jamal_AKA_Jamal (one of the millions of music reactions/requests/oldass music but he chills me out)
    – fullychargedshow (electric transport and supply)
    – CarPervert (and I don’t like cars much, yet enjoy this. Sounds dodgy eh)
    – Geowizard
    – Odd Tinkering (restorations)
    – Mary’s Test Kitchen (recipes)
    – Saucestache (meatless-‘meat‘ tech/recipes)
    – James Gurney (plein air painting)
    – KEXP (live music, good bands (IMO), sublime sound-engineering etc)

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    Seths bike hacks bike related stuff along with Berm creek the spin of channel

    Mcq bushcraft early stuff is all bushcrafty things along with some fishing and shooting nowdays the content is all set in sweden

    Shiey this guy roams around europe mainly blagging free travel by train hopping and exploring eastern european industrial areas. He does do some pretty dumb stuff at times like climbing chimneys etc but hes at that age.

    Firebox Guy goes hiking in the US in some beautiful countryside with his dogs and sometimes goats.. quite nice to relax too.

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    Davie504 as long as you like bass.

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    Essential Craftsman, ‘murcan carpenter, listen-to-it-all-day type voice, house build series is up to episode 82 now.

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    Hoof GP – basically a fella who fixes cows hooves. It’s brilliantly fascinating, 1 vid and you’ll be hooked.
    Robelinda2 – Classic cricket clips
    Geoff Marshall – Just a lovely fella with a love of railways

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    I’m trying to learn Spanish and really enjoy Espanol con Juan
    And love this channel for the scenery some of the exposure on his rides are very scary

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    – KEXP (live music, good bands (IMO), sublime sound-engineering etc)

    The sound engineering is sublime! My favourite set:

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    Maybe a bit low brow but watch the Dude Perfect guys with my son. Some of their stuff takes some mind blowing levels of skill and planning.

    Just prepared to be jealous at their lifestyle.

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    Ralfy.com. scotch whisky reviews and general wisdom.

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    zefrank1’s True Facts

    Witty take on wildlife narration. (Seemingly) effortless (and humorous) storytelling along with some stunning wildlife-footage.

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    I have enjoyed watching both of these – probably only worth opening if you like sailing

    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/OnmEsGgRYhM&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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    Technology Connections – a delightful chap doing things like analyzing antique toasters or explaining how oldskool twinkling Xmas lights work – covers all sorts of different areas and very clear & engaging.

    Wintergatan – or “One man’s descent into madness” as it’s known in our house! – this musician built a marble driven music machine. Then decided to build V2, bigger, better, to be taken on tour… Watch from the beginning, you can actually see him aging! The sort of thing that makes you want to learn to weld / get a CNC machine.

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    I quite like the hydraulic press channel, something very satisfying about seeing things crushed…

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    You don’t say what you’re into but I can watch some of the UK and USA woodworking and shed stuff, some great projects and tool use.

    I’m a dinghy sailor and a lot of the coaching stuff by people like Rooster or the splicing and ropework stuff draws me in.

    So I guess a lot of making stuff or fixing stuff features for me. I’ve found by saving bits I like in playlists I get a fair spread of decent recommendations (same with you tube music).

    But after a while I might head for a nice Norwegian crime/murder book and switch YouTube off.

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    if you like engineering, I would recommend This Old Tony, interesting and funny.

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    Torbjörn Åhman Swedish blacksmith

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    Real Engineering

    Interesting to learn of Charles Fritt’s first selenium solar cell (shown mounted on a roof in NYC, 1884)

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    iohan Gueorguiev has amazing bikepacking vids

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    Following on from the Alan Milyard links…


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    And in another corner of the globe…

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    Beau Miles, guys just brilliant.

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    Another shout for Soup  Classic Motoring.

    Very well produced and pleasantly narrated videos with some amazing stop-motion stuff:


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    I’ve ended up watching a lot of Watch Wes work

    Bloke runs a garage in Kansas, fixes trucks, cars tractors etc

    And Twinstick Garage

    Bloke in Alberta restoring tractor units.
    Both are complete escapism for me, I’ve no mechanical skills, can’t drive a hgv or fix one.

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    I can’t remember if this channel was recommended on here or not, and I’m too lazy to go back and check


    And if you’re into model railway sets


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    Juice box for you, its kinda like dirty sanchez meets top gear, but with strong irish accents. Maybe avoid if youre a lover of spiders.

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    Bloke gets on bike and just keeps going.

    Bizarrely, bloke playing a game called Rust (which I have never played!) with his mates.


    Watching a bloke ferreting around in culverts under Manchester


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    Ben at Crimson Guitars for all round guitar building knowledge

    And of late the bonkers girl at nerdforge just making fantasy props and doing up a van.

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    Rachel Atherton the bad and the good of road cycling

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