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  • Any Youtube channel recommendations for lockdown?
  • gobuchul
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    During this lockdown I have been watching some Youtubers – some pretty entertaining history stuff, The Tank Museum, Lindybeige, also that mental bottom bracket guy Hambini.

    Then I found that Paul Harrell American gun nut guy. It’s crazy and some of the comments are brilliant. He is very entertaining mind.

    Any other recommendations?

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    Colin Furze
    Smarter Every Day (especially the space/NASA ones)
    Joe Scott
    Alec Steele

    Should keep you going for a bit…

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    Not exactly history stuff but great shows all the same..

    Project binky! Now’s the time to binge watch 6 years of joy & bask in the knowledge that if Nicks been locked in with the car, it might be finished (yeah right)

    More tanks.. the chieftain, or the chieftains hatch

    Cars.. Mighty car Mods, (& by default…the skid factory & Benny custom auto)

    Mustie1, MartyT & Geoffrey Croker for some backyard mechanics

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    If you like aviation, engineering and bush planes then Mike Patey is good. I also follow Trent Palmer for back country flying.

    The Draco buikd/flying at High Sierra series is pretty cool

    I must admit to following casey neistat as well.

    Yanks are just so different to us…

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    Fall of Civilizations podcast (the one on Easter Island was really sad and quite the eyeopener)
    Inside the Chieftains Hatch (6ft something ex us tanker in confined spaces and talking about track tension)
    Hand Tool Rescue (old machinery restoration with humour and adjustable wrenches)
    Drachinifel (battleships, battleships and more battleships)
    PBS Space Time (just wow after wow after wow damn that science)
    Anton Petrov (just for someone to troll all the lastest space related scientific papers that are released so you don’t have to)
    Forgotten Weapons (a yank shooting vintage weaponry)

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    Dark Docs (history, odd incidents, that sort of thing)
    Curious Droid (science, aviation and space)
    Camping with Steve (just a man camping. In various locations with various constraints)

    A suitably interesting and soporific mix there! Colin Furze is excellent.

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    Not strictly Youtube, but the RedBull channel has some excellent docs on. The heli rescue series set around the Matterhorn is very good.

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    Bald and bankrupt.

    Bald fella in odd bits of the old Soviet Union.

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    depends what you’re interested in

    I’m not watching 1hr+ hambini rants about a BB

    for me…



    Periodic Videos

    Harry’s Farm

    plus a handful of hiking/biking channels for inspiration when lockdown ends (mainly ones hiking the national trails etc.)

    I would have said Project Binky (actually the Escargot), but at the rate they release they’ll only manage 1 vid during the entire lockdown, and there’ll probably be another pandemic before they get to the end of the series

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    Some of the less well known bike and food channels:

    Backyard Trail Builds, Vancan, RunBikeMike, The Crashing Dad, Dusty Betty, Gee Milner

    FrenchGuyCooking, Donal Skeehan, Bavette-Gastronomia, John Kirkwood

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    Chris Packham – doing a daily show with his stepdaughter, birdwatching, and other wildlife, and a variety of guests

    Peter Millard – woodworking, tools, nice and relaxing

    All the Stations – railway stuff, they’ve done a couple of pub quiz chat things recently

    Morten Hilmer – wildlife photography and bit of bushcraft

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    I like:-

    SOUP classic motoring
    Harry’s garage and Harry’s farm
    Tyrells Classic Workshop – he’s rebuilding a Lambo v12 engine for Harry and set up his own channel which is quite interesting going into the history of alot of these classic cars. Very knowledgable chap.

    Restore it is quite good. A young lad doing up classic BMW’s.

    Quite fascinated with flat earth debunking channels: SciMan Dan, Conspiracy Catz etc. Just find it bonkers that there are people around who seriously believe this stuff.

    Dustin Klein for gravel riding adventres
    Trail POV for analysis of mountain bike suspension systems

    For some strange reasons I’m finding channels on narrowboats and narrow boating quite interesting/therapeutic in particular Robbie Cumming who did the series on BBC.

    Also a couple of channels on bike packing and wild camping/camper vaning.

    Following Project Binky but its just getting frustrating now. You wait months for a video and when one finally comes out it probably 45 minutes of watching a bracket being fabricated. Was interesting initially but getting a tad tedious now. Just want to see the damn thing finished and up and running. Escargot is good but release rate of material is tediously slow.

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    I’m not really a car person but I find the drift works YouTube channel entertaining http://www.youtube.com/user/DriftworksLtd

    If watching someone restore old tools sounds interesting check out mymechanics http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMrMVIBtqFW6O0-MWq26gqw

    These two guys make amazing models and dioramas:

    Luke Towan boulder creek railroad http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjRkUtHQ774mTg1vrQ6uA5A

    Plasmo plastic models

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    I have absolutely – zero – interest in computer games. But have watched hours and hours of

    Lets Game it Out

    In its early incarnation it was two presenters exploring weird, cheap and unfinished games for lolz and heir report is jus very entertaining –  but more recently one of the guys has gone solo and sort of pushes games to weird extremes – in this example turning a theme-park simulator into a massive Rube Goldberg Machine.

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM9AqyQrrPk – motorbikes and general shed / garage projects

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnp014zupl8&list=PLbzeinr1wFcJpI5zYmO_I722NBjw6m5aC – lockdown songs from this moto-vlogger (find them really chilled!)

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    Scott Manley has lots of space related stuff.
    Also, as said, Harry’s Farm is always informative and good to look at, as is his garage.

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    If you like short snipets of history The History GUY is very good
    Johnnysvintagemotorcycle is good for Classic Kawasaki restorations,maintly Z1’s
    Mongrel Dog Productions has some excellent stuff about off road trips in Oz
    I couldn’t watch 1 hour of that Hambini bloke ranting.

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    3,THE PROPER PEOPLE, urbex exploration

    4,28 Days Later, urbex exploration,

    5,Supermarionation , history of Thunderbirds with original cast and crew,

    6,Dan Coffey, train cab ride videos uk.

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    Maily engineering, welding and stuff – some woodwork;
    This Old Tony
    Ca Lem

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    I’m not watching 1hr+ hambini rants about a BB

    that guy desperately needs to edit. You could actually build a respectable Youtube channel, with income, just ripping his videos, cutting them down to 10-15minutes and re-uploading them. But I wouldn’t spend an hour listening to his unedited thoughts without invoicing him at the end :-)

    Malvern Rider
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    Haha just discovered Hambini by accident last night. Had to laugh at his take on a Canyon carbon frameset 😳

    OP try Omeleto? Lots (and lots) of short films

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    If you are interested in 60’s Alfa’s, try Jethro Bronner
    A lot of the Kermit Weeks videos are good, both the flying and the restoration series, although it is frustrating to see so many interesting aircraft rebuilt, flown once or twice and then left to deteriorate again

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    Haha just discovered Hambini by accident last night. Had to laugh at his take on a Canyon carbon frameset

    I don’t think Canyon like him much.

    It’s quite an interesting how much out of spec that frame was. The only frame brands that don’t slated are Time and Look.

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    On The Big Walks channel a film called Hooks. A guy sets out one spring on foot from his house in the south of England to walk to pretty near every UK bothy and then back home in the autumn. I watched this one with my 90 year old dad after he was housebound in his last few months and not getting out to the wild places any more. He was still bothying in his 80s so he had a good run.

    Hooks? He screwed a brass hook on the wall of every bothy.

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    sampson boat company, tally ho rebuild

    reg coates
    august hunicke
    buckin billy ray smith
    samurai carpenter
    john rogers
    acorn to arabella

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    Some of mine that haven’t already been mentioned

    Athena Mellor – Nice outdoorsy vids
    Beardyman – unbelievable what he can do with his voice
    Ed Pratt – unicycling the world
    Periodic Videos – Love the Prof
    Richard Herring – His podcasts
    Scotland’s Mountains – Walking in Scotland’s mountains, nice bloke, stunning scenery
    Smith and Sniff – Two blokes sat in a car talking crap
    TA Outdoors – outdoorsy bushcrafty stuff
    Taskmaster – Lock down tasks
    Tom Pemberton Farm life – farm stuff

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    I used to work for the same company as Hambini but never directly with him.people used to say they were perplexed at watching his channel as he was nothing like that in person but also loved to slag management off behind there back.i know he’s had uncomfortable issues at work with lawyer’s mail getting delivered to the CEO but I think that was more scare mongering that a serious threat .
    I personally can’t watch his channel it’s all a bit over the top done for the cameras in a very unprofessional way,if he was to be a little more professional I’m sure he’d be watchable and who knows could even get a better paid job out of it.
    He uses his autism as an excuse for ignorance.

    I enjoy
    Martin zeros YouTube channel
    I’d watch more bkxc but his constant fake laugh wears thin
    Jeff Kendal weed when hes out riding is superb

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    I’m not watching 1hr+ hambini rants about a BB

    It’s an amazing co-incidence and tremendously convenient that he can sell you a replacement BB from his own shop…

    As well as pissing off bike companies, I see he’s got himself into hot water over sexist comments about a magazine editor now

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    Most have already been mentioned, but a couple more-

    Rick Beato – music commentary from a sound engineer (I think) easy to understand explanations of technical stuff for non musicians.
    Shaw strength – Insight into strongman training and competitions from 4 time world strongest man, who is surprisingly easy to like.

    Malvern Rider
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    Don’t think anyone mentioned but this is oddly compelling

    (Man decides to walk across Wales in a mostly dead-straight line)

    And talking of ‘odd’ – check out the odd tinkering channel if you like seeing odd old stuff genuinely restored to bonkers levels.

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    Uri Tuchman, craftsman extrodinaire. And quite amusing.


    This be his most popular vid.

    Laura Kampf.


    Really random channel


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    Don’t think anyone mentioned but this is oddly compelling

    (Man decides to walk across Wales in a mostly dead-straight line)

    Seconding this. For such a simple premise it’s really engaging and the guy is really funny. Check out his other series on the same channel called How not to travel Europe. It’s not a straight line mission, more of hitchhiking on lots of different forms of transport but it’s just as good!

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    Mike Farrington does some brilliant woodwork and stuff and has a really comforting narration voice. Very easy to listen to.

    Allen Millyard is a genius of a man in a shed engineer. Weighted towards motorcycles of which he has built some incredible machines.

    In this video he’s making a standard inline-4 Kawasaki Z1 engine into an inline-6! He goes through fabricating the engine block and cuts the blocks up with a crappy old hacksaw! 😂 Amazing.

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    a really comforting narration voice.

    Of course the king of all comforting narration is the Crafsman

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    For some strange reasons I’m finding channels on narrowboats and narrow boating quite interesting/therapeutic in particular Robbie Cumming who did the series on BBC.

    That series was excellent and hope he returns, shall look out for his vids.

    (Man decides to walk across Wales in a mostly dead-straight line)

    There’s a thread on here about him, he is just brilliant. He’s also travelled across Europe and done a mini series where he’s blindfolded and put in a car then dropped off, blindfold removed then has to find out where he is. Funniest one finds him in a town that’s been mentioned on the Forum a good few times over the years, won’t say any more!!

    Bloke tries to walk/kayak/swim across Wales, in a straight line…

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    If fixing/restoring small engined things (mowers, generators, motorbikes) and a bit of beetle repairing then Mustie1.
    For work and lifestyle I find Casey Neistat very watchable…. his video production is really excellent.

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    Of course the king of all comforting narration is the Crafsman

    I’ll raise you…

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    not a YouTube channel per se but New Yankee Workshop reminds me of….

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    Old chewin the fat clips although some may need help with certain words

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