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  • Any Whiskey bargains about at the moment?
  • ski

    It’s my birthday soon and fancy treating myself to something special.

    Not fussy, single malt, up to £50?

    Bit of a fan of Talisker but don’t mind trying something different.



    Bunnhahabain 12YO – 28 quid, along with a few others cheap at wait rose

    Balvenie carribean cask should be nice!


    Was in the same position recently and bought myself a bottle of Lagavulin 16 yr old. It’s a bargain at £50ish just because of the quality, depends if you like Islay whisky I guess, it’s smoky/peaty but so smooth and delicious.

    My advice is to forget about “bargains” and buy what you want, you’re worth it. Have a good one!


    Old Pulteney was £23 in Asda on Tuesday
    Talisker £27
    That’s £50 of fun right there!

    I’d go Caol Isla and still have change enough for flowers for the wife (to apologise for whisky breath)


    Whatever you do don’t pick up a bottle of Talisker Storm. I like the normal Talisker 10 and the 18 is ok, but this was bloody awful. I’m thankful I only bought a sample but it was bad enough to get tipped down the sink, it reminded me of Old Pulteney.

    Long shot, but if anyone reading this is living in/passing through France, you can pick up some pretty cheap malts in Carrefour atm. Lagavulin 16 @ €44, Caol Ila @ €33 (in store only) as a couple of examples. Don’t know if that’s a bargain in UK terms but Lagavulin usually goes for close to €60 here.
    Popped in for some nappies last weekend and came out with my winter stash of malt 😳


    A few around at the moment. Aberlour and Isle of Jura both £20 in Asda and Sainsburys respectively. Glenlivet £22 and Old Pulteney £23 in Asda too. Depends what you like though

    Jack Daniels in Tesco for £15 sheets

    Picked up some Glenlivet at Sainsburys yesterdat £25. Aldi had their award winning 18 and 25 year single malts in too.

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    The 12 yr old Glenfarclas is on offer at the Waitrose site, really nice, much better than the 10 yr old.

    Premier Icon davetrave

    And the 15 year olf Glenfarclas is far better than the 12… Although I treated myself to a bottle of the cask strength Glenfarclas 105 a couple of weeks ago for my birthday, very pleasant…

    The Balvenie Caribbean Cask is nice too, just coming to the end of a bottle. Got a subtle rum sweetness to it.

    Also got a Bruichladdich 16 year old unpeated which is good – I’m not overly keen on the west coast malts because of the peatiness but this has a much more subtle taste to it while retaining the depth. There’s also a bottle of 19 year old Glentauchers in the collection, that’s regularly replaced – a very nice tipple for drinking and a bargain at £23 from the (surprisingly well stocked – malts up to a grand) petrol station across the road.

    My local off licence is Gordon & MacPhail (look it up if you don’t know!)…

    Premier Icon kcal

    petrol station across the road.

    Aye, can’t go wrong there. Which one Dave – Mosstodloch, New Elgin or the original? 🙂

    G & M are nearest for me but can’t usually afford anything out of there..

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    Bunnhahabain 12YO

    How does this measure up against the 8YO? I tried the 8 and loved the smokey nose but found it a bit lacking on the taste.

    Premier Icon davetrave

    The original in Bishopmill. 200m away across the road!

    G&M can be a bit much – the Glentauchers is one of their bottlings, £23 across the road, £47 if you go to buy it direct from the shop.

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    Another vote for Jack Daniel’s in Tesco. I bought a bottle the other day and will probably buy a few more at that price. 🙂

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