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  • Any wheel off 148×12 compatible turbos in stock anywhere ?
  • Premier Icon weeksy
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    Looking for one for next weekend, would prefer to buy rather than borrow one at the moment, but not sure if anyone has seen any about that can be purchased as i’m struggling to find any myself.

    Premier Icon spev
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    There seems to be a global shortage, like turbo trainer panic buying, non of my distibutors have any, wheel on or off not even rollers. Although I think Halfords Ebay shop had some last week.

    Premier Icon nixie
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    Halford e shop had some diretos. They came with 142×12 kits which you could easily space on the disc side.

    Premier Icon weeksy
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    I’ll have a peek, i’ve tried their usual on-line store and none there.

    I understand the shortage of course, just trying to get lucky so my 11 year old can have some company on his 50 miler he’s got for charity next Sunday.

    If i can’t buy one i’ll borrow (and clean of course) a mates turbo and use that so i can sit alongside my boy while he does his epic Zwift.

    Premier Icon fooman
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    Elite do a thru axle adapter for their quick release trainers, unfortunately too wide for Tacx.

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