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  • Any TV signal experts? Best TV providers – dish or cable or what?
  • MikeT-23
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    current situation: have a freeview TV linked to an analogue rooftop aerial, and until lately, it’s been okay.
    However, during bad weather (and it doesn’t have to be very bad at all) certain channels – usually ITV and Channel 4 and all their derivatives – have been very problematic, with the TV telling us that selected program isn’t tuned and so on, and the pictures are extremely pixellated and digitally skippy and fragmented.
    On other occasions the BBC channels suck whilst the indies are fine!
    We live in top floor flat in west end Glasgow, with uninterrupted views southward, to where the transmitters are.

    Ideal situation: perfect quality pictures in any weather at any time of day or night.
    Not fussed about having 600 channels and movies/sports packages etc. Freeview has enough to be getting on with.
    Is the digital revolution a bit of a con?
    What conduit for TV provision is proving to be best for folk?
    I can now get a cable connection in my street through Virgin Media (ex ntl), but do people still use sat dishes for Sky?
    I know BT offer something too, but I’ve heard they’re not so hot.
    If there was a great TV/Phone/Broadband package around, I might consider it.

    However, seeing as the STW massive are scattered around this great nation, and beyond, I thought I’d try to get an informed opinion form those who might know from experience.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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