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  • Any tips on Velodrome photography ?
  • Raindog

    Going to Revolution tomorrow night, and I plan to take my DSLR, monopod and lenses. Any tips ?


    I'm no photographer but…

    The light is usually poor since it's all artificial. The riders go damn fast so you'll need a fast iso to get good pics if they're near.


    dive out the way at the very very last minute, the riders love that.


    Only ever tried it once – at M'cr on a club night…..

    1. Goes without saying – do as you are told ref where you can and can't go. 😉
    2. Check if you're ok to use flash before you do..
    3. If flash is a no-no then up the iso and open up your aperture to make the most of available light.
    4. Panning, follow the rider, hit the shutter button when it feels right but keep moving the camera – don't stop moving when you hit the shutter button.
    5. Enjoy!

    oh, almost forgot…

    6 – if you get any good ones share them with the rider / club etc – all helps when you get to ask about going again….
    7 – got some in colour that look half decent? Then convert them to b+w, call it 'art' and they'll look much better 😀


    the track is lit but not track centre so it's a lot dimmer than you think

    you will need to use a fast lens to keep the iso down or do head on shots from the top of the banking

    pre focus for the close up's next to the track

    even the pro's struggle in there so don't worry is a lot of pic's don't come out


    nikon/canon f2.8 70-200mm, iso as high as your camera will allow and try single shot/continuous shots ( you may need to play with your auto focus to allow this to work

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Track centre isn't very good for shots – at least, not where the proles are and only accredited photographers get to move around on the actual blue concrete bit at the base of the track or in the riders pen. Your best bet is shooting from the rail at the outside. A long zoom (70-200 or 75-300) as fast as you can get. f/2.8 is great, f/3.5 works OK but struggles sometimes. Flash if you have it. ISO at 800 or so.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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