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  • Any tips on pacing yourself for a longer ride…
  • crosshair

    No big ones but loads of little climbs 😉


    Very, very, very roughly riding around 70-75% of your maximum heart rate should give good pacing for a 4-5 hour ride.

    This has a multitude of problems if you are to get technical and scientific about it but a very, very, very rough, quick, basic calculation might help as a starting point to explore up and down from there for yourself.

    Of course hills/ terrain/ wind etc push this up when on a MTB from time to time so my very unscientific approach is to try and ride around 135-145bpm as much as I can and then not go too nuts on the climbs. Whether or not this is the fastest way to pace yourself for a 4-5 hour ride I don’t know- all I know is that I feel much fresher and can push much harder towards the end whereas before with a “follow the group pace” approach I would feel half dead 2/3 to 3/4 in to the ride and crawl home just like everyone else 😀


    Conclusion- just out if interest….
    I got hemmed in at the start behind 300 odd people 🙁 Whilst I should have ridden my own ride regardless, I regretfully decided to put right my game plan and get on the back of the pace van. This burned a lot of matches and took 3.5miles but I did make it lol
    I had my hrm alarm set for 170 and finally turned it off after 12miles because it was beeping the whole way 😀
    I had enough cereal bars to eat one every 30mims for 4hours and a few snickers to munch as ‘treats’ on the hour.
    It’s actually pretty tough to eat on the fly on rocky Welsh mountainsides so as a result, I did 42miles without stopping , in 3h36 on the following:
    600ml of water (3l camelbak was a waste of time then!!), 300ml of lucozade revive (yes I know it’s fizzy, oooops), 2 snickers and 1 cereal bar!!!!
    Did try and pace myself on the long climbs though and something fascinating to my tiny mind happened. For the first time ever, I was able to watch the power/weight equation in action.
    On the steep bits (16% +/-), little tiny people poured past me like I was going backwards. My pretty handy power figures weren’t enough to counteract the circa 4stone weight difference. For once, I held my nerve and didn’t attack, I just plodded on at a steady 176bpm ( 😉 )and let them go. Then, as the gradient eased and gravity stopped punishing me, I one by one reeled them all back in as I continued clicking up through the gears and accelerating whilst they struggled with any extra power.
    Then, by the next climb, we were back in the same order 😀

    Anyway, I was able to sprint up the last hill in Brecon which tells me I was a bit conservative on the pacing.
    I’d secretly hoped for a top ten but finished 29/373 for the overall short course or 8/129 for my age group.
    I know it’s not a race but its an event that fits my year so I love challenging myself on it, roll on next year 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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