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  • any tips for fitting internal brake cable
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    I asked Beyonce, she said if you like it then you should have put a string through it.

    An old gear inner can be good, bit stiffer than string so it goes more where you put it. I don’t know if the RT57 is fully enclosed internally or if it’s just openings in the frame?


    Had a similar problem on my RT57 with a outer cable. Ended up dropping the forks out and pushing the cable in from the seat tube end. Could just about get my fingers to it through the head tube and poke it out the hole. Spent ages faffing before I decided to drop the forks and then it took seconds. Appreciate it’s not your exact problem but may help if you want to replace the whole cable.


    in a planet x rt57 cant get the inner cable to come out of the top tube any top tips for doing this


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    Not familiar with that particular frame but for full runs on other bikes, I’ve screwed a spoke into the end of the housing/hose and then threaded a looped gear cable in through the exit hole. Push the housing/hose through and then hook the spoke with the gear cable.


    Thin bamboo kebab skewer with a skinny neodymium magnet taped to the end…

    And once installed never ever pull it out without daisy chaining with ‘new’ one. 😉


    Using gravity and a needle, I managed to dangle a bit of thread through and out of my frame. Then tied the thread to the cable and pulled it through no problem.

    Worth a try!


    I’ve recalled a few internal runs recently
    To be honest, on any decently designed frame, it’s very easy indeed. Large holes on the down tube (sometimes with covers) or permanent internal conduits do the job neatly.


    Go to yor local car accssory shop and buy a metre of copper brake pipe. Roll it on a hard floor under your foot to straighten it, bend a small bend in the end and feed it into the frame, wiggling it around until it emerges from the other hole. Feed cable through, withdraw brake pipe. Simples.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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