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  • Any super cheap deals on 26″ rims about?
  • submarined

    I’m after some for a mucking about bike. Could probably fit some 650s but would prefer to fit 26 just because.
    Toughish, 32h, unfashionably narrow is fine. Something like those 5 quid WTBs Px were doing a year or so ago would be nice 😀


    I’ve got a set of 28h ex1501 rims in the garage doing nothing.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I was looking for the very same thing last week – got some great deals on St-i25/23 wtb’s last year from both Planet X and CRC. Couldn’t find anything at all. A mate might need a new rear wheel for his 26er but rim prices aren’t great from what I found.


    I’d see what Superstar have.


    I’ve got a pair of new, never built, black Superstar Tactic (23mm internal) 26″ 32H rims if they’re any use?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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