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  • Any Inbred Summer Season owners on here?
  • philsimm

    …..and how do you like them?

    Am thinking of swapping my Orange Gringo frame for one of these as frankly i'd like something a bit more chuckable and with more confidence going downhill. Will i regret it? 😕


    No, you won't.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    they're long frames, if you want chuckable, get one that seems way too small.

    f'example, usually i ride 20" frames, but i'm riding an 18" inbred – and it's still hardly what i'd call 'chuckable' – for that i'd need the 16".

    (i'm 6'2")

    and please don't think that you'll NEED 160mm forks, they're designed to be all slack and lazy with 100mm forks.

    For something more chuckable get more of a dirt jump style frame.

    One ones have long top tubes and long chainstays which doesnt make them particularly chuckable


    i'm 6'0" and long legged so was thinking of the 18" frame. By chuckable i suppose i meant more fun or involving, although i ain't gonna be doing full on DH i'd like something which handles steeper sections a little better. The Orange just feels a little bit like riding a rail but was really good to get me back into the sport

    b r

    My riding buddy bought one, put on 130mm Fox forks – he was never happy until he added some big bars (high riser Sunline V2's).


    As b r says, The head tube is quite short, so you will probably want to put high risers on and maybe an angled stem. However, Shaum March says "go low to be pro", he advocates going as low at the front as possible.


    I ride an 18" and am bang on the right size for an 18, but I find tit fantastically chuckable with soft 130mm forks on and big wide bars, I had a normal inbred before and this rides like a BMX compared to that.

    They are chuffin wicked, best bike I have ridden, they are quite exciting on the wet stuff too as the front end slides for extra fun.


    Will have one very soon hopefully – 14" for mega 'chuckability' 🙂 (I'm 5'7 ish)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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