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  • j3ffo

    Morning all

    Could anyone tell me the best way of presenting the following outcome data?

    I have a set of scores (range of 0 – 10) with a frequency of each score

    I believe this is ordinal interval data?
    I guess crudest way is using the median?
    Is the correct way to plot a normal distribution or even a ‘box and wisker plot’? (this is what google threw at me)

    You can see what an exciting morning I am having. Hoping to ride later though…


    PS mods feel free to move to chat forum – posted in error

    Premier Icon njee20

    What are you trying to show?

    It’s only 1-10, simplest would be a bar chart showing number of responses to each. Box and whisker is really for much wider samples of data – showing quartiles and outliers. Neither of which are very relevant in a very finite data set.


    Njee is spot on here, a simple graphic will tell you everything you need to know.

    Depending on how the data was generated, the median may be irrelevant or completely misleading.



    Thanks for the answers chaps..

    Data is actually a set of pain scores (0 = no pain, 10 = bad pain). It is fairly easy to interpret a bar graph of score versus frequency for say all operations. What would be the best way to display it when comparing operations though

    e.g. operation 1 (frequency x pain scores) operation 2 (frequency x pain scores) operation 3…

    Is it just a case of producing bar graphs for each operation?


    j3ffo – I’ve usually found a stacked bar chart lets you see the comparison between the groups and the overall trend. You might find its just a mess once plotted though – in which case individual plots would possibly be better it depends what you are trying to show: Operation 1 is better than operation 2, or operation 1 is better than an average operation etc.

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    DO you want the data to discover something, or try and use the data to convince someone else of your wants (generally to fund more research)…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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