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  • Any skywatchers tonight?
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    Just been out for a night time stroll with the dog, couple of things noted:
    Lots of shooting stars emanating from the same bit of sky as Cassiopeia

    Pleiades poking their heads above the horizon here, usually means autumn on its way.

    Saw something which looked like the ISS, moving the same speed and just as bright, but in completely the wrong direction, and faded as it passed overhead.

    Any idea what that might have been? No flashing lights so not a police helicopter with searchlight on, and not an aeroplane, and it travelled the whole arc of the sky, from south to north.
    All in all a good night.

    Premier Icon Twodogs
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    Jupiter and it’s moons were spectacular at about 11pm…as was the milky way.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer
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    need to go to somewhere like heavens-above to find out what the not-ISS was. nothing is as bright though, especially in polar orbit, so not sure what it could be.

    Premier Icon Andy_Sweet
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    Probably a satellite passing overhead. They can be pretty bright depending on conditions (although not normally as bright as the ISS)

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