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  • Any Scottish domestic LPG users?
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    That’s crap, when we had a link the company use to top up regularly – as in half tank.

    I’d find another supplier.

    But tbh, I got rid of the link and just monitored the usage, and then ring around when I’ve still 1/6 left (1200 litre tank for Kerosene).

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    Who do you use and are you happy with them?

    I’m currently at my mother’s house up in the Nairnshire. Her LPG supply, supplied by Macgas, ran very low a couple of weeks ago. She has got telemetry and despite them being able to see the reading and her ringing up every day they allowed her to run out 3 days ago. The supply runs both her house and the holiday home she lets out. We are fine with the log burner and washes with the kettle but she has had to send her punters home and lost her income.

    Macgas couldn’t give less of a toss if they tried. 3 times they have rescheduled her next delivery. Eventually got to talk to someone who said that after their reorganisation since being sold they have reduced their driver numbers and have struggled to keep up with demand.

    So does anyone get their supply from a firm they would consider vaguely competent?


    1. Who do the neighbours use – driver much more likely to turn up if he has half a dozen houses within a few miles, than 1 house 20 miles from the next.

    2. Is it possible to attach little (expensive) propane cylinders from the local petrol station if you run out completely? the sort of thing people use in caravans / bbq’s etc.

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    I’m definitely going to see if it is possible to add an extra tail to attach an emergency bottle to the system when needed. I’ll also do a little research with the others in the area – you hear of bunches of houses coming together to make a sort of cooperative to get better rates for bulk purchases. To be honest basic half reasonable service would be a good start rather than worrying too much about the price.

    edit – did I mention it was Macgas she was a customer of? Just thought I’d get a few more mentions of Macgas into the thread for future searchability!


    We use Calories gas at home and haven’t had any issues. Also have Jgas at work as well as Valor, again never had any issues with either.

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    Who do the neighbours use – driver much more likely to turn up if he has half a dozen houses within a few miles, than 1 house 20 miles from the next.

    oh how I wish the fuel companies had that common sense…
    We had issues with Macgas at work, the outdoor centre cooks on gas for 80+ people, they again kept rescheduling and missing deliveries.
    We now use Brogans fuels for oil and gas, and no problems and deliveries on time, when scheduled.

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    Used Calor for about 6 years – no issues recently other than price… J Gas and Mac Gas much cheaper am aiming to switch soon. I beleive Shell also deliver.

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