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  • Any Saab 93 drivers on here?
  • Premier Icon fadda

    I’ve had 2 9-3s and really liked them. It’s a Vectra floorpan/drivetrain etc, but Saab improved them quite a bit so they’re nicer inside, and much nicer to look at (in my subjective view).

    Comfortable and reliable, it’s worth keeping them serviced and the 60,000 mile service is a bit steep, as the cambelt needs changing. It’s important to change the waterpump at this point as a precaution, it’s a bit of a weak point, and an expensive job to replace if it goes (it’s behind the cambelt!). Otherwise, nothing of note in 2 1/2 years for me.

    Surprised at your Skoda, mind – I also had an Octavia for 3 years and Mrs Fadda had a Fabia for 3 – both fantastic cars.


    Our Skoda is a 1.2 but the wheel bearings are wrong (should be on an octavia according to Skoda) the Cat has had the contents smashed out to make it go faster. It has 16″ steel wheels and a brand new spare alloy thats a 15″. The car has had £2500 work done to it in 18 months. So its time to get rid.


    We’re looking at an 06 Saab 93 dth linear estate. Anyone had any experience with Saab? What are they like?
    Any other recomendations for a car around £5k? Needs to be big and a diesel.
    We’ve got THE most unreliable car we have ever owned at the moment. A Skoda Fabia so Skoda and VAG cars are off limit now.


    As Fadda says based on a Vectra but screwed together better. Father in law has one and it feels quality but still has the usual diesel problems of EGR valves and injectors. None Vauxhall parts are expensive with some special order such ad key at nearly £200. There are better cars out there for the money Mondeo, Passat and Octavia if you can compromise with the raised boot lip on an estate


    We looked at Zafira and vectra as well. But reviews are saying they don’t like school runs. But it doesn’t say what classes as a school run. The car will do 30 miles each way to work and back dropping the kids off at school and childminders on the way. Would that give it enough of a run?

    What causes the egr problems? Is there any way to minimise it? Is it an expensive repair to have done?


    Italian tuneup or long trips prevents build in the EGR. Diesels aren’t suited to short stop/start journeys

    Premier Icon DezB

    Got rid of my 9-3 diesel cos of fuel pump issues. Everything seemed fine but at random times the engine mgmnt light would come on and the car went into limp home mode. Saab garage replaced a filter, didn’t sort it. Next fix was £600 and not guaranteed to fix, so I traded it in for a Mondeo. Mondeo doesn’t look as nice but is bigger and much better handling. Do so miss that Saab turbo though.

    b r

    IMO You’d have to be brave to buy a Saab for anything other than banger money.

    And you said ‘big’, they’re not that big – better getting a Mondeo/Vectra estate – or MPV.

    Premier Icon Keando

    Had three Saabs 93’s all petrol so cant advise about diesel engines. The first was a 93 sports saloon and the other 2 were sportswagons (estates) all 1.8t (2.0 Litre low compression turbo – 150hp) and I liked all three of them – no major issues with any of them.

    Now have a diesel Mondeo estate and as b r says they are a lot bigger.

    Premier Icon angeldust

    I’m guessing ‘school run’ means short journeys i.e. less than 10 miles or 10 minutes? Don’t think that description would include 30 mile trips.

    I don’t think the 1.9 derv has the best reputation for reliability in the Saab .
    So it could be out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    Premier Icon LimboJimbo

    Father in law has an ’02 petrol with 101k miles that will not die. To be fair, service history and general condition are far more important than age on this type of car yet punters are fixated with the little bits of plastic stuck to the front and back. The result is that you can easily buy an absolute snotter for £5K and conversely a great private buy can be had for a couple of grand.

    At this price point, I would always look at a private sale over a dealer as the markup will be much greater as a proportion of the price (to be fair, it has to be to make it worth retailing). All you get from a dealer will be 3 or 12 months mechanical breakdown insurance (not the same as Warranty) which you can get on the interweb for a fraction of the difference if you want the peace of mind.

    Check the history, go with your gut and accept that you roll the dice when you buy an older car and you will be fine (probably).

    Good luck.


    I had a 11 plate 93 on hire last week when my 11 plate skoda superb was in for service, I thought the saab looked very nice but i was really dissapointed with the drive it felt like it had done 150k when it had done 20, gearbox felt similar to my old mans 1951 grey fergie, just not in the same league as my skoda for the build quality and refinement, the interior felt cheap and on a budget even though it was full leather etc, got back in the skoda and thought wow what a difference.

    i much perfer the saab 9-5 estate, on my second now after covering 90,000 miles in our old one.

    just got a top of the range 2.3HOT Aero, 2004 reg for £2.5k: bargin.


    I’m in an 09 diesel auto sportwagon which I’ve had since 14k miles. Just turned 90k and I love it. My wife thinks its pig ugly, looks wise I’m on the fence but I’ve never sat in a more comfortable seat

    try for model by model reviews

    I had a 9-3 Sportwagon TDi (1.9) – it was lovely, very comfy heated leather seats, very nice on a cold winter morning!

    couldn’t afford the cambelt change when it came due (that & the 4 new tyres it was about to need) so I had to sell it, which was a shame. I certainly miss the boot space, which, while not the biggest estate in the world, is certainly more useful than a Citroen C4…


    Lord’ keep us updated. I would be tempted. What happened to your old one?


    I bought an ’08 93 TiD a couple of months ago and I love it. It’s quick enough and if you’re a smooth driver you should get pretty good milage. I do 70+ miles a day during the week and a tank of diesel last me around 8 days (about 600 miles, the trip computer stating 50mpg). It does suffer from a touch of turbo-lag but get the turbo spinning it pulls nicely. The interior could be better… it’s nice enough but can be a little creaky.

    On the motorway it’s very smooth with reassuring power to overtake when you need it. The first two gears are very short, but 3rd and 4th can really get you going. In 6th you’ll be cruising at 70 at roughly 2000rpm.

    My wife has had a number of Saab’s before me buying mine and they’ve all been great cars and a similar spec BMW or Audi would cost at least £4k more than I paid.

    On the whole it’s a great car but try a few before you part with your cash.

    Premier Icon tommid

    I have a 56 plate 9-3 Saloon 1.9DTI vector, I wish that I had bought an estate.
    Great size, good runner. Not the most economical, but I get about 54.3MPG on a long run. Get about 46 for the day to day 30 miles to and from work.
    Fairly uninspiring interior, but a good solid car otherwise. I have done about 20,000 miles in it this year with no issues (touch wood).


    We’ve had LOADS of saab’s over the years, and my advice is:-
    Family has had saabs since mid 80s, and prob put 500-750k miles on about 12 cars in that time.

    SERVICE, its everything. THe petrol engines are quite highly strung and must be done on the dot and by the book. there are dozens of independant saab specialists who are a must. Kwikfit will not suffice.

    Main issue with (all) the petrol engines is the air/vacuum/boost/egr hoses, they sludge up if the service isn’t done on time and then causes all kinds of expensive (if you entrust a dealer who doesn’t know what they are doing, as they will spend hours trying to find something that should only take 30minutes).
    Gearboxes used to be an issue with 80s/90s car’s, but the newer ones are solid, though you may find high milage cars (150k+) will have worn synchro on 1st/2nd/reverse making it hard in the lower gears, this is often caused by the clutch dragging (usually last 120-140k before they start dragging).
    Diesels, only had one, a 3.0t v6 in a 9-5 and it was great (had from 40k-95k) only needed oil once a year and lots of front tyres though that as probably the fact I drove it hard constantly and never got less than 38mpg. Though MOST other people have had a nightmare of a time with the 3.0t diesel and then changed to the lower powered but much less troublesome 2.2. No idea about 1.9’s but you don’t see many of them about anymore so go figure on that one.

    Electrics wise, heard bad things about the newest 9-5 (6months before they went bust) on random models, but every saab we’ve had has never had an electrical problem.

    Ride on them is generally good, though higher powered models are often 20-40mm lower on the same stock dampers so after a few years get a bit tired, and saab stock shocks are pricey! Instead go to abbot racing or and get uprated ones for way less £££

    Fabia sounds like a bad one, currently have a polo with the same 1.2 3cyl lump in it and yeah they are gutless and thirsty as hell (average 35-40mpg for a 1.2 driven in ideal conditions is lame). Diesels in VAG cars are great so long asyou don’t expect it to be a shopping car as the EGR + DRV (right term for it) get blocked up unless you drive them hard.

    Anyway, my next car will prob be another 9-5 2.2tid wagon.


    Been running a 55 plate TiD with the Hirsch chip for about 6 years. When it works I like it. But it spends a lot of time not working properly. Saab bits are getting harder to get and although Saab UK say they can get 98% of bits ordered, my garage says thats because they’re not taking orders for the bits they can’t get.

    Like someone above said, feels like it has done more miles that it has. I’ve always run VAG cars to well over 100k and this saab just doesn’t feel like it is ever going to do the same. Were saab still going I’d not get another.


    Have the an 08 TTiD 93 and its been awesome, a very quick, very understated workhorse. I dont use it every day, only really at weekends and to see clients once or twice a week. Blats down the motorway at silly speeds and swallows 2 bikes and all our kit without any problem at all.
    Servicing isn’t cheap – I use an independent specialist in Waltham Cross that came highly recommended. They’re a bit rough ’round the edges, but they know their Saabs and have always looked after me.
    If you go for a TTiD, pony up for the MAPTun chip(£500), turns it into a bit of a monster, superb for A-road overtakes and 145mph+
    Plenty of parts available if you ask the right specialists, (dont ask Saab UK, they’re incompetent) however the brand is now gone for all intents and purposes, so I’ll be swapping mine out at the end of the summer for Vito van. -need something bigger now. I’ll miss it.

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