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  • Any Renault experts on here?
  • lunge
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    Particually experts on the elctronics of newish Megane’s?

    If there are then i have a question for you!

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    If you want to change the front indicator lamps get a small child with very thin flexiable arms to do it for you or as they suggest in the handbook take it to a dealer!!!!

    Otherwise you best bet is this

    & these

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    French cars. Electrics.


    Still – it could be worse. It could be an Alfa.

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    Do we have to guess what the problem is?

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    If you have problems try here
    It is a good place to get advice on all things renault.

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    I found a Honda to be the best fix for my Renault problem.

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    I use megane owers forum for my 03 1.9dci megane – its slowly falling apart with a new turbo 5k ago

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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