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  • Any plumbers/ heating engineers – Steam valves-HELP!
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    If you’re having to ask the question, please don’t use steam. Very bad if it goes wrong. Mock it up with a small compressor or smoke machine if you want the effect though.

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    I know it’s bad if it goes wrong, that’s why I am seeking the advice of people more knowledgeable than me.

    I’ve done propane and electric stuff too, I asked the advice of gas people and sparkies before wading into those projects. Nobody died.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing the wonderful Homer into my thoughts 🙂


    Have you a proper boiler or are you just going to light a fire under a tank with some water in it?

    If the latter please just give up. Proper steam is incredibly dangerous stuff, especially if the only experience you have of it is what comes out the top of a kettle (which isn’t steam, its water vapour)

    Personally I would be looking at using compressed air for the type of system you are looking for. As long as you have whistles & horns you will get the sounds you are looking for.

    I specify and sell steam control systems for a living so can make some recommendations (you need a steam suitable globe or angle seat valve with a control plug) but am seriously concerned about what you are intending.


    If you do have a boiler and some saftey proceedures in place then please PM me some details and I’ll have a look for you.

    I need to know;

    Steam pressure
    Max steam capacity of boiler
    Flow rates to each device
    Line size
    Line lengths
    Insulation of pipework details

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    Thanks Kieran, that’s really helpful, will PM you soon.

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    It’s that time of year again, I do work for a local music festival and build large art installations involving some wackiness.

    As part of one this year, I hope to have a wood fired boiler producing steam in a large tank. As it reaches a certain pressure, I want it to vent the steam which will then exit through trumpets, airhorns, whistling kettles and assorted ‘stuff’.
    Any suggestions on a valve which will do this?

    I imagine it venting into some sort of manifold with 6-10 pipes off this feeding the various devices. An adjustable valve would be a bonus so I can play around with pressures.

    Before the H&S mob jump in, yes I’d intend fitting a secondary safety valve too.


    “Hundreds broiled alive as festival boiler explodes, shock…”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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