Any Peugeot 306 experts on here? Remote locking/immobiliser problem

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  • Any Peugeot 306 experts on here? Remote locking/immobiliser problem
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    IIRC and it’s been about 12 years since I owned mine the 306 had a red key that you placed the ignition first, you start the car and the have a time period to insert the 2 black ones, this programmes them to that car.

    Roughly this


    1. Turn the Ignition switch to the accessory position (the first click) using the key without the remote plip attached.

    2. Hold the Plip key close to the central locking receiver mounted in the roof console.

    3. Press the large plip button until it gives an intermittent flasnig (around 45 seconds should be enough) and then press the small plip button on the remote.

    4. Repeat for second Plip key if required.

    5. Turn the ignition OFF.

    6. After 5 seconds the Plip should now operate.


    theres an easy fix for this.

    1. Purchase a box of matches
    2. Purchase some fuel
    3. Pour fuel over car
    4. Light fuel
    5. Buy something not french.

    In reality. Do you have a seperate small key with the car? On older 306 there is an immobiliser turn off via a small yale style key under the bonnet near to the slam panel if I remember correctly. Also theres often a push buttong trigger which cuts the electrics in bumps which sometimes triggers with swapping batteries (I think) It should be on the passenger turret somewhere I think.

    Then. Once its started. Buy something else.


    1995 shouldn’t have any kind of transponder immobiliser. They were only fitted to the mid 1997 onwards phase 2 models.

    Our old phase 1 had a keypad but I know not all had keypads so I don’t know if they had any immobiliser at all.

    when you reprogram the IR you need to have the key blade in the ignition while you do the holding it up to the receiver bit (ie separate the blade from the plip) and reprogram all your keys at the same time.


    I’ve owned my 1995 306 for about 18 months and for that entire time the remote locking hasn’t worked so I’be just used the key in the door ‘old skool’ style.

    Anyway, I changed the car battery yesterday and now it won’t start, it won’t even turn over. I’m pretty sure it just wants me to use he keyfob to remote unlock it so it deactivates the immobiliser but my keyfob doesn’t work.

    I’ve replaced the batteries in the keyfob and followed a couple online guides but its no good. I was. Onside ring buying a repla event key off eBay for about £15 but not sure that would work.

    Just thought I’d test the unlimited STW knowledge just in case someone has had the same problem before?


    The button above the battery is the fuel cut off. I’ve never had it trigger when swapping batteries but worth trying.

    I’m surprised if your car has transponder type immobiliser (car too old) that would utilise the transponder Ariel ( ring thing round the key) BUT if your car does have that I’m 99% I know what you have done and why it won’t start….
    When you have opened the key to replace the battery in the upper corner it should have a tiny coffin shaped transponder chip and they fall out unnoticed and obviously the car won’t start. Open the key and show me a pic.

    Premier Icon Drac

    1995 shouldn’t have any kind of transponder immobiliser. They were only fitted to the mid 1997 onwards phase 2 models.

    My 1996 D Turbo had a transponder.


    I’m so frustrated right now. The car is a 1996, not a 1995. It’s a turbo diesel.

    The headlights flash for about 30 seconds every time I turn the ignition on. It won’t turn over, the starter motor solenoid doesn’t even click.

    I have no idea what the key under the bonnet near the battery does but I’ve followed all the online guides with it turned both ways.

    I’ve got 2 remote keys but no red key.

    I feel like I’ve turned my car into scrap metal just by replacing the car battery.

    The car only cost me £500 18 months ago and it’s been trouble free up until now and does 40mpg so it’s done me well

    My Diesel 306 was ace – nice big boot for a small car.

    Unfortunatelly my 1997 had a keypad immobiliser so all I can offer is sympathy.

    Premier Icon windydave13

    This could be a proper long shot, but have a look at this thread about some crazy alarm antics on the 306. Several folk talk about a connector that if undone and reconnected may fix things

    My 307 had a major immobiliser wobble a couple of months back and locked me out. Even with a new battery and the spare key I couldn’t get in the car. In the end I disconnected the battery for a couple of minutes then re-connected. Everything seemed to re-set itself and worked fine. Could be worth disconnecting the battery again and seeing if it resets itself.

    Alternatively try finding someone with Peugeot Planet who can come round and take a look. One of the Peugeot forums has a list of people with it by geography.

    Good luck

    I’ve got pug planet where are you?


    A Peugeot Planet? I’m in Exeter.

    The battery was disconnected overnight last night.

    I’ll check out that thread tomorrow, I need to get to bed, I had to get a lift to work last night and then rode the 35 miles home this morning after a long 13 hour night shifts. I’m pooped

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Try there used to be some seriously knowledgeable folks on there.

    I cured heaps of faults on my 6 through that site and most of the electrics are common.

    Edit and to avoid a potential flaming use the search first!

    Been a few years since I went there but always a good bunch back in the day.


    SORTED!!! Thanks to WindyDave, I owe you a beer mate.

    In the end I turned the key to the full position so the glow plugs were going, then disconnected and reconnected the car battery. It returned the car to its former self!

    Cheers guys


    Way to check for sure about the transponder is take the steering column surround off and there will be a plastic housing around the ignition barrel with a fine copper wire loop inside.

    If its an old diesel then the immobiliser works on the stop solenoid on the fuel pump (front top of the engine driven by the cam belt).

    The immobiliser equipped ones have a metal housing around the solenoid as an anti theft measure.

    Is the car turning over?

    edit: too late.


    Thanks anyway Andy


    great cars.
    I replaced a battery on 1995 306TD and seem to remeber having to use a red coloured key to get it going again. the radio also stopped working – some kind of security lock. Lasted about a month without tunes, then I took it to the garage and they reset it. As I was driving it home with my radio blaring, I somehow managed to wrap it around a tree.
    stupid cars.

    Premier Icon windydave13

    Good job fella. Glad its fixed. They are an emotional roller coaster which is why I can’t bring myself to get rid of my 307 after owning it for 11 years!! 😆

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