Any patent lawyers here? Or anyone who has patented something.

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  • Any patent lawyers here? Or anyone who has patented something.
  • iDave

    I started down the patent route but really you have to ask yourself if you can afford to defend it. Depending on the product it may be better to get to market first, make it quality at a great price – making it hard for someone to compete – or get a big partner behind it who will co-defend patent infringements as part of the license agreement. I know that a few in the bike industry use non-disclosures until it’s ready for the market then submit the patent application.


    You get what you pay for in my opinion; if you’ve got a high value assest you really don’t want to mess any potential up. You could do it yourself sure, it’s pretty bloody cheap. Would you handle your own divorce though. The Patents Act (i’ve got a copy here, right in front of me) is pretty complex and to get the very best out of it, again in my opinion, needs an attorney or similaily knowledgable chap. CIPA Would be my first port of call.

    IP professional by the way, although not an attorney.


    Yeah, the cost of litigation is incredibly high but there are alternative avenues to protect your IP other than a court. I’d imagine an investor would prefer to see a patentable product (at least pat. Pend.) before backing, could be wrong though.


    Patents can be had pretty cheaply – I think the figure of £500 was given to me a couple of years ago, from someone who had recently patented a product.

    iDave is 100% right on the ability to defend the patent being important.

    If you’ve got a decent product, you need to launch in such a way that it’s difficult for imitators to screw you over. You need to be able to work up to a decent scale very quickly, and offer something the rip off merchants can’t.

    I’d suggest you take a look at the VRIO framework to evaluate your product and skills before you start spending £££s.

    a good friend of mine is a patent adviser for a well known company.

    He pretty much said this.

    If you going to patent something remember once you start the process you are ADVERTISING your idea to the world, as it then becomes public…

    If people then decide to contest the idea you can end up spending a lot of money trying to word the idea so that it passes through the patent office, but by doing so the patent becomes weaker as you have to admend it.

    Once passed you are protected, 100% nearly.

    Question is, can you defend it? can you afford £10ks of pounds to defend that idea through the courts? taking years of mitigation sometimes to get to the actual issue, ie stole the idea …

    If you believe in the idea enough then dont be put off, but be ready though to have to fight for the idea throughout the whole process and be ready if need be to spend £10ks to defend it.

    The good story is, once your patent has been defended once it has a very good chance of never going to the courts again as a defended patent is worth gold compared to a un-defended one…that is the biggest advantage of a patent, having it defended once allready.

    gl though,


    You could have a commercial search conducted, there’s a few uk based companies that do this (the IPO used too but stopped to concentrate on statutory work) . That way you get an idea of what similair technology is out there and don’t have to disclose your invention. ~£700 a day though, depending on how thorough a search you want.

    Premier Icon fruitbat

    I’ve got a Patent but unfortunately (or maybe thankfully) my company got the whole thing done through a patent attorney (it’s an American company I work for).

    Much of the magic appears to be in how the thing is written. Having tried to read the published work, I have difficulty understanding it!

    The whole process has put me off attempting to do it myself (if I ever have another good idea!).


    We’re sitting on a great product idea, getting it made seems easy enough. Distribution maybe harder but with the invention of the internet there is always the first step of self distribution. What we are stuck with is how hard and how expensive it is to patent a product idea.

    Any experience?

    ade ward

    I have 10 patents in bike stuff but in reality I am the inventor or co inventor on each one
    Only one ever made me some money as the others rights belong to the company I was working
    For at the time
    My opinion is to work with a bigger company sign over rights for a lump sum
    Or I prefer to take a royalty on each item sold

    Have to agree about the writing of the patent I coulnt understand the description I even did the
    Drawings for most of them

    Premier Icon richmars

    Don’t forget the cost of maintaining the patent (once granted) gets more expensive over the years, so only worth keeping it if it’s making money.


    So basically don’t bother? That’s easy enough we’ll do that.


    It really depends on the product and how you plan on taking it to market. Get a correctly worded NDA to use with anyone you have to reveal the idea to.

    I have a couple of patents – echoing the advice above, if you can’t afford to defend the patent it’s an exercise in futility, (although if successfully defended once, you are almost guaranteed to be able to successfully defend it again) as the market will be flooded with cheap clones before you can blink. I can put you in touch with my patent attorney if you like but I was looking at a five figure sum last time 🙁

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