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  • Any packable waterproof jacket with underarm zips?
  • Premier Icon sirromj
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    As title, for short commutes, gonna get cold soon and then getting rained on will be more of a problem. Looking for a lightweight waterproof jacket to keep in bag, but with underarm zips please. Any about?

    + cheap.

    Premier Icon shindiggy
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    Following for interest

    Premier Icon imbuildingabike
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    if your local store has one of these, they are decent value for money

    Premier Icon elwoodblues
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    I ride to work in my Marmot Precip.

    Underarm zippers, the pocket lining is made of mesh, so when it’s hot it is usually enough to open the pocket zippers to cool down, pretty breatheable, and stylish looks for everyday use.

    Not cheap, though.

    Edit: It is packable down to a very small size, but no carrying pouch provided.

    Premier Icon shredder
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    Go Outdoors have the Montane Spine on offer, Gore Tex Active shell under arm vents packs small and light.Its not cheap but cheaper than it should be .

    Premier Icon allthegear
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    My Rab Kinetic Plus jacket is waterproof and *extraordinarily* breathable. I’m amazed by it. No pit zips but no need for them.


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    I have an endura pak-a-jak or something. It doesn’t have zips under the arms, but does have vents. It’s not so breathable though… so you do tend to boil in the bag, if you get too hot.

    I’m gonna have to check out the Kinetic.

    Premier Icon epicyclo
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    I’ve got Montane Pertex. No zip underarm but breathable.

    Premier Icon milky1980
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    +1 for the Endura Pak-A-Jak, perfect for my 4 mile commute.

    Premier Icon sirromj
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    Endura Pakajak II looks like it might be a contender.

    Wanted underarm vents as breathable either tends to be not-very-breathable-or-properly-waterproof or is very expensive.

    Desired budget: 0 ~ £50

    Also saw Polaris Quantum jacket on offer on their website, but judging from weight, it’s not packable down to small size.

    Premier Icon angeldust
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    Pertex is a range of fabrics, not a jacket 🙄

    Saying you have a Montane Pertex, is like saying you drive a Ford Galvernised steel.

    Unless it is Pertex Shield, it won’t be a waterproof either.

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