Any one else think Nicolai look s@*t.

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  • Any one else think Nicolai look s@*t.
  • sorry I’m late….again

    **** awesome ride! and that first Nic from yonks ago is mental cool.

    rather than german panzer chic

    You say that like its a bad thing!


    Nicolaisam, yours look quite nice, I’ll give you that one.


    If i won the lottery a Nicolai Argon Road would be the first bike i’d buy.


    hora – Member

    I LIKE that one. Which model/option is that???

    It is the helius am, with the longer leavers and the seatpost cut down.

    In all fairness, you can buy the frame for 1600 and a shock for a couple of hundred, and your still cheaper then some coves, intenses, santa cruz etc. If you want a cheap one they do a nice single pivot for 1300

    ANd thats 32lbs with an xl frame

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    That road-bike is absoluteley bloody gorgeous.

    As regards the looks, I guess its a bit like Ventana. Old-fashioned looks, understated etc. But attention to detail is amazing. Workmanship first class. And they ride beautifully. Parked alongside the latest hydroformed offering they do look industrial & a bit lashed up, but I love mine.


    the more i look at the hellius ac/am the more i like them! but then all the bikes i like are all a bit industrial
    brooklyn, turner, ventena, nicolia

    I think they all look awesome.

    Premier Icon thebunk

    Go on stu – have another think about it…

    (it’s not pretty though is it..)



    But it works

    This is a six year old bike and I’ve not managed to kill it.


    My almost finished Helius CC build – just waiting on brakes, bars and stem to arrive (not using the bars and stem currently fitted).

    Have kept changing stuff as it’s gone along – was going to use an XT chainset but tried an SLX I had and think it looks better.

    Can’t wait for the 1st ride.

    HELL YEAH! @Ianpinder – that’s what I’m talking about!

    @neninja, – where did you buy that from?



    @ neninja – black forks would be better me thinks


    As promised, here’s a pic of my new Helius AFR, which I picked up from Moonglu in Ripon today.

    Warning – it includes the answer to a problem that doesn’t exist.

    Massive thanks to Neil and the other guys at Moonglu for suppling the frame and most of the components and doing the build for me. Great job! Going to ride it for the first time tomorrow and will probably be posting from my local A&E tomorrow night 😀


    What size is that IanMmmm? and what is the seat clamp size?


    It’s a large frame (I’m 6 ft 1″) and the seatclamp is a 35mm Chromag clamp. Ideally it should have 34.9mm clamp, but the seriously over-engineered Chromag isn’t available in that.


    IanMmmm..Thats nice!

    Ride her hard!

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