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  • any motor insurance brokers in the house?
  • Stu McGroo

    i’ve heard it said that airline pilots are subject to the most expensive motor insurance premiums, so what occupation assures the cheapest?


    Different companies have different rates – but generally Airline Pilots will be higher as they are more likely to drive bigger/faster cars and also because they can travel at differing times of the day or driving back from the airport after long flights.

    TBH, I never looked in detail as to which profession is worse, but the ratings departments would have done that.

    AS to the best profession – that will be one where driving is NOT part of the job, you work regular hours and it is associated with nice calm people.

    Premier Icon bruk

    Vets seems to add a premium 🙁

    Maybe it is as 1 person described, most vets still drive as if riding a horse and occaisonally that means trying to jump hedges etc.

    I’m a teacher, regular hours, non-driving job, work 195 days per year. My rating must be quite good as I pay £210/year fully comp with protected no-claims.

    I’m a musician and bi-polar, I struggle to even get house insurance at a sensible price, a lot of insurance companies won’t insure musicians in cars at all, so it’s not me that’s the lowest anyway I reckon.

    Stu McGroo

    teacher it is then… hmmm… now i’ve got to pick a subject! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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